Audiobooks, Anyone?

Slowly but surely, we’re adding AUDIOBOOKS to our offerings.

Do you like listening to audiobooks?

ALL our audiobooks are available at most audiobook outlets. But you can buy this audiobook directly from Michelle’s storefront at Authors Direct. This lets her offer special sale prices without asking the vendor for permission. How do you use or find Authors Direct? You can find the app at your favorite app store OR you can go to and browse their catalog.

OR you can buy an audiobook directly from us here at Ye Olde Dragon — just go to the storefront. It will be delivered immediately through Book Funnel. And you have TWO choices for listening — either on the Book Funnel app (which you’ll need to download, and set up your Book Funnel account) or a plain MP3 file that you can load onto any listening device you have and play like any album.

Want a sample chapter? Email and give the title of the book you’d like to sample. It will be delivered as an MP3 file through Book Funnel.

There are several series to choose from, and here are the books currently available (plus audiobooks of books published elsewhere, but they belong to Michelle, so she’s gonna sell you her books anyway!)

Currently available in the Neighborlee contemporary fantasy series:

In the AFV Defender SF series — and the middle-grade tie-in series, Young Defenders:

From the Magic to Spare fantasy series — book 2, Majjian Springs, comes out this fall!

And, published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press — the first books in two series, Inspirational Romance and Cozy Mystery:

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