Audiobooks, Anyone?

Slowly but surely, we’re adding AUDIOBOOKS to our offerings.

Do you like listening to audiobooks?

Right now, the first audiobook is part of the Neighborlee, Ohio series. LIVING PROOF (That No Good Deed Goes Unpunished) is available at most audiobook outlets, so no matter what format and app you prefer using, you can probably find it. Or you will be able to find it in the near future (as soon as the vendor picks it up!).

But you know what’s cool? You can buy this audiobook directly from US. Or rather, from Michelle. It’s her book. She has a storefront at Authors Direct. This lets her offer special sale prices without asking the vendor for permission.

How do you use or find Authors Direct? You can find the app at your favorite app store OR you can go to and browse their catalog.

Next on deck:

THE KINDNESS CURSE has just finished being recorded. It has to go through the editing process (to get rid of long pauses and inhales and any background noise) but plans are to have it available by the end of July.

Please check out Authors Direct for this book as well.

Once THE KINDNESS CURSE is up, we’re going to start recording all the Neighborlee, Ohio books in order, as quickly as we can. Stay tuned!

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