Countdown: 2 New Releases, and Pre-Release Order Discounts

PLANTWISE releases Thursday, June 15. You can download the ebook and audiobook here on the site NOW at a discount price before the official release day. I’m also offering a pre-release order discount on the print book, but you’ll have to wait until I actually have the books in my hot little hands before I can ship them off to you to enjoy!

PLANTWISE is the current book being read on the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling podcast, which you can listen to right here on the site. Just click on the podcast link. If you’re enjoying the story, you don’t have to wait for each episode to get your next chapter — download the ebook and audiobook TODAY and start enjoying it!

LIARS’ QUEST, which was the previous story being read to you on the podcast, will be available, revised and polished, on Friday, June 30. That’s 23 days from now. From June 16 until the 30th, you can pre-order the book (and by that, I mean pre-order the print book, at a DISCOUNT) or immediately download the ebook (also at a discount). The audiobook is being prepared right now and should be ready for downloading by next week, right after the release of PLANTWISE.

If you join the Patreon group for Ye Olde Dragon’s Library, you’ll get inside information on all the stories being read on the podcast before they’re released, free short stories when they become available, and a chance to pre-order the print, e and audiobooks at an even bigger discount. Check us out!!

Ye Olde Dragon’s Library: Season 2, Offering LOTS More to Hear

Season 2 of the Library podcast features the fantasy novel, PLANTWISE, book 1 of the Steward’s World series.

PLUS, starting this Saturday, you’ll get to hear chats with authors of fantastical fiction.

June 3 and 10 launches the author interviews with a two-parter, chatting with the authors of OHIO TRAIL MIX, stories inspired by visits to locations on the Ohio Literary Trail.

What’s the Ohio Literary Trail? Listen and find out!! You can find the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library podcast in your favorite app, or come back here and click on the Podcast page and listen right on the website.

If you’re interested in getting the print, ebook or audiobook of PLANTWISE, they’re ON SALE right now, here in the store. Check them out!

If you’re interested in getting pre-release discounts on other books featured in the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling episodes, please consider joining the Patreon group (just search for Ye Olde Dragon’s Library in Patreon) and support the podcast.

Book Fair, May 27, Ohio

In the mood for a BOOK FAIR? Check out the Ohio Authors Book Fair at the Destination Outlets, off I-71 in Jeffersonville, Ohio — south of Columbus.

LOTS of authors and publishers will be there. Michelle will bring her newest books, including the newly released PERCHANCE TO DREAM, the 3rd Fairytale Anthology.

Plus Bettie Boswell will be there with her NEW children’s book, LUCY AND THUNDER. You’re going to want it for your kids!

New Look, New Format: The Tabor Hts. Re-release is COMING!

Coming in ONE WEEK:

The Second Time Around, Year 1, Book 1, of the Tabor Hts. inspirational romance series.

The series was originally published by Desert Breeze Publishing, but they closed their doors in 2018. The Tabor Hts. series was re-released solely in ebook in 2019. However, MAY 15 will mark the re-release in PRINT and AUDIO, with new cover art and new formatting, from Mt. Zion Ridge Press.

Check out my website, for more information, or check out

What’s it about?

Daniel Morgan’s past returns to haunt him when a freshman girl shows up for class wearing his college sweetheart’s face.

Lynette Tyler is determined not to face her past, even when she learns her daughter’s favorite new teacher is the man she had forced out of her life when she got pregnant.

When Daniel learns that Kat is his daughter, he dares to ask God for the dream he had let go years before… to finally be a family. He pursues Lynette’s love through tragedy and shame, learning to forgive each other and themselves. The biggest hurdle isn’t whether Kat would forgive them when she finally finds out the truth, but whether Lynette can let go of the past long enough to let them have a future together.

Ready for Pre-Release Orders

Now available for pre-release orders in ebook and print. Where? Anywhere YOU like to buy books!

The THIRD Fairytale Anthology.

Theme: Sleeping Beauty.

What can you find inside? Here are a few hints:

A princess with thirteen children would give anything for a good night’s sleep, but her fairy godmothers don’t seem to have practical answers for her.

A veterinarian falls into a coma after trying to treat a dog who had contact with an unusual lizard. But can the sheriff find a cure and save her life?

A spy can’t remember her past. Her partner must trigger her memories before enemy agents find and kill her.

A young girl signs a contract to save her family from eviction and ends up frozen far into the future.

A prince falls into a sleep realm, and finds his true love among the Fae when he thought she was long dead. But can he find a way to save her?

Join our Ye Olde Dragon authors as we leap out of the box and into seventeen diversely fabulous worlds surrounding the Sleeping Beauty legend!

Liars’ Quest — in print soon. Interested?

This is the current cover for LIARS’ QUEST that is appearing in the updates on Goodreads.

Good news: this is NOT the actual cover. It’s more a placeholder.

We’re working on the splendiferous cover, because …. (drum roll, please!) we plan to have the print and ebook version of what you’ve been listening to on the podcast ready for sale at the start of June, when the podcast finishes.

(You have been listening to the podcast episodes, haven’t you? If not, just click on the link to the podcast page above, and catch up!)

Interested in pre-ordering your own copy, and maybe saving a few $$$ ????? Email us to get your name on the list when all details are finalized.

Ready to DREAM?

Our next Fairytale Anthology, PERCHANCE TO DREAM, is just a few steps away from publication.

It releases on May 1. We’ll be uploading the print and ebook for pre-release sales on April 1.

Isn’t that cover gorgeous? Kaitlyn Emery does a great job every time!

All the stories take elements of Sleeping Beauty and turn the whole thing around. Some are lovely fairy tales, some are silly, some are fantasy, some are science fiction, some are heartbreaking, some take us back to places we’ve visited in other anthologies, and some are kind of scary ….

Here is a list of the authors and their titles, just to whet your appetite for what’s coming!

SLEEPRosemarie DiCristo



SPINDLEHailey Huntington





BEAUTY IN A BOXMichelle L. Levigne






FROZEN BEAUTYChristy Eberling


THE REAL PRINCEDeborah Cullins Smith

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