Time to Get Cozy

While this isn’t a Ye Olde Dragon Books book … it is a book published by one of the Dragons … so since this is our playground, we’re gonna allow this.

<snicker> <snort> <wink>

THE UNWELCOME WAGON is the first book in the Book & Mug Mysteries series set in the small Ohio town of Camden Township. Our heroine, Sandra, has come to town to become the new children’s librarian at the start of the school year … and immediately steps into conflict and mystery when a smelly man tries to just walk into her new apartment on moving day, and then tries to break into Book & Mug, a coffee shop and bookstore owned by a trio of cousins who soon become Saundra’s close friends.

All the books in the series will revolved around Saundra, and the cousins, Kai, Eden and Troy, along with members of the Guzzlers, coffee and book aficionados, and various friends from the businesses on the main street of Camden.

You can order copies of THE UNWELCOME WAGON here, in paper and ebook, before release day — April 1. You can also order the book bundle, of paperback and ebook, and get your choice of a download code of the audiobook from Authors Direct or a generic MP3 file of the audiobook, as a thank-you gift.

Such a deal!

It’s Book Launch Day!

Now available in paper, ebook and audio, ANGELA’S KNIGHT, the 12th (and almost last) Neighborlee, Ohio fantasy novel.

You can buy a book bundle — the price includes the paper edition, ebook, postage, and we’ll throw in a download code for the audiobook — right here on the Ye Olde Dragon Books website. Such a deal!

With the ebook and audiobook you’ll get nearly-instant gratification (hey, we have to get the notification you bought it, plug the instructions in, and send them to you), and the paper book will be ordered and shipped ASAP.

It’s time to celebrate the “birthday” of another adventure in the weird little town of Neighborlee!


ANGELA’S KNIGHT, the 12th Neighborlee book, is due for release March 1. You can pre-order it now in ebook and paper, and the audiobook should start being released to the various outlets by the 24th.

That leaves ONE MORE Neighborlee book to be revised, printed, and released: THE LIVING PROOF GETS THE BLUES, due for release in paper, ebook and audiobook, May 1.

Equinox: Maurice has a day of full-size freedom to spend with his true love, Holly. Their day of fun ends in panic, when Angela is attacked and the defenses of Divine’s Emporium are breached. In the search to find out who hired thieves to steal books full of inimical magic from the shop and provided them with magic charms to do it, Angela’s memories are stirred. Strange dreams disturb her sleep and she asks questions she hasn’t thought of in decades.

Ethan Jarrod, a particularly gifted P.I. with some mysteries of his own, joins forces with local P.I. John Stanzer to identify Angela’s enemies. Is Jarrod the knight from her dreams, or the final weapon of her enemies, to destroy all the magic of Divine’s Emporium and Angela herself?

Dark shadows from Pastor Rocky’s past seem to be the newest tools of an ancient enemy to try to tear down the gates that Divine’s Emporium and Angela hold closed against inimical forces from other dimensions.

Nothing makes sense anymore when the guardians are forced to make the most difficult choice of all: help the Grandstones stay in Neighborlee, or take a chance that the New Age cult searching for “celestial children” will drive them out.

Everything seems to depend on Pastor Rocky and his friends from Magna Magma “getting the band back together.”

New Year, New Book, New Blog!

Happy New Year, friends and fans and readers of Ye Olde Dragon Books.

I’m delighted to announce the release of a new book today — in paper, ebook, and audio. The 11th Neighborlee adventure.

Only TWO more Neighborlee books to be published, and … that’s all, folks!

Just when the guardians of Neighborlee believe they can relax and enjoy the results of their labors, a new enemy makes a strike, aiming at some newcomers who have come to town seeking shelter. Is this another, roundabout attempt to break down the defensive shield around the town, or a more sinister plot?

Are the attacks aimed ultimately at Angela?

Clues indicate this isn’t a new enemy at all, but an old enemy making another attempt to get a foothold in Neighborlee and perhaps steal not just magic, but break open the gates that Divine’s Emporium and Angela keep securely closed.

What type of magic is this that seems to be active only at night, and disintegrates with the coming of dawn?

We are launching a new BLOG today for our friends at Ye Olde Dragon Books. www.TwoOldeDragons.blogspot.com will give you a chance to ask questions of the characters in our stories, and have our characters respond. We’ll also have previews of cover art, snippets from upcoming stories, behind-the-scenes information, and other fun opportunities as we think of them. So hop on over and subscribe, so you keep updated, and think of questions you’ve wanted to ask about the books you’ve read so far, or books you’re thinking about reading!

For those who are tight on money, or want to try out a book before adding it to your personal library … you can request our books be obtained and available at your local library. Plus, every once in a while we’ll make books available through a Goodreads giveaway. Or to celebrate the release of a new book in a series, we might be offering a free download of an ebook at the start of the series. So stay tuned and keep reading.

And ask those questions, okay?

Ready to Hunt Some Vampires?

Hey, did you notice that Deborah Cullins Smith, the other half of the dragon team, has a NEW BOOK out?

If you read our wolfman-themed anthology, MOONLIGHT AND CLAWS, then you’ve already met her heroine, Mina Harker, widow of Jonathan Harker and member of the team that took down Dracula!

Check out her book on Amazon in paper and ebook. (That means click on the link to be taken to the page where you can buy this wonderful new, dark adventure!)

Mina Harker allowed Dracula to change her, believing that he held answers to life’s questions. But God brought her back from the edge of the abyss through the love of her husband and her friends. Now she’s not quite a vampire, but she’s definitely something more than a human, and she must face what she has allowed herself to become and what it will mean for her life from now on. Can God truly still have a plan for her, in spite of her many mistakes?

When she discovers that there are still vampires in London, Mina launches into a training program to face this evil head-on and vanquish it, even if it means facing her worst nightmares over and over again. But can she succeed at fighting evil AND keep her marriage to Jonathan intact at the same time? Especially when a very powerful vampire comes to town and targets the people around Mina–including Jonathan.

Join Mina Harker for the first book in a brand new series of faith-based adventures!

Black Friday to Cyber Monday: SALE!!

Buy TWO or MORE books — either print or ebook — and you’ll get a code for an audiobook.

Two or more Neighborlee books: Your choice of Confessions of a Lost Kid, Living Proof (that no good deed goes unpunished), or Allergic to Mistletoe.

Two or more Defender books: Your choice of Friendly Fire or the NEW (releasing December 1) middle-grade tie-in to the series, Cadets.

Two or more of any fantasy books (our anthologies, or The Kindness Curse): The audiobook of The Kindness Curse.

Two or more inspirational books (the Sarai books, Tabor Heights, Quarry Hall, For Sale, or A Match (Not) Made in Heaven): The audiobook of A Match (Not) Made in Heaven.

A writing book (Do Yourself a Favor or To Eternity (and beyond)) matched with any other book: Your choice of any audiobook.

If you already have one of these audiobooks (thanks!), let me know when I contact you after your purchase, and we’ll pick ANOTHER audiobook for your listening pleasure.

Ready to Order Your Christmas Book Box?

Check out the storefront, where you can order your Christmas gift box. You’ll get:

  • A print copy of ALLERGIC TO MISTLETOE, Neighborlee Book 10
  • Candy canes
  • A Wishing Ball ornament, like you’d get if you attended the decorating party at Divine’s Emporium
  • Hot chocolate
  • Gift bag
  • Other goodies (still shopping and having fun!)
  • Postage included

Christmas in Neighborlee means magic. This year more than ever. The Fae have come to visit. And hide. And seek true love.

Lori is allergic to mistletoe, thanks to a traumatic encounter with Dickens. She comes to Neighborlee to hide from matchmaking relatives.

Bethany just wants a quiet Christmas with her dad, but her rising stardom is getting in the way. Her double magical heritage just complicates things.

Harry might be able to help her, thanks to a malfunctioning invisibility spell.

Wilfred and Philomena are best friends, have been for centuries, and want to be much more. Do they have the courage to admit it to each other?

Then there’s Maurice. The terms of his exile interfere with his courtship of Holly, the librarian who can only see him in her dreams.

They all need a Christmas miracle.

Do you VELLA?

The (slightly) redacted files.

I have a story in Vella, introducing a new character.
Jane is an agent-in-training who thinks she messes up big-time during her graduation assignment.
Then she KNOWS she messed up, when she gets an assignment that is just on the edge of humiliating. She’s waiting for the day the Agency wipes her memories and sets her down in a new, boring life.
Until Dr. Noway, a minion of the evil mastermind B.L. Zebob, shows up at the school where she’s pretending to be a librarian.
I plan to write a large handful of the slightly redacted, slightly embarrassing, majorly snarky adventures of Jane Stocks — license to spill.
(And yes, if you notice a resemblance to a certain well-known British intelligence officer … it’s on purpose. With the titles, anyway.)

Check out my page on Amazon/Kindle Vella, read the first three episodes for free, and plan on getting hooked!

Christmas Book Box, Anyone?

Hey, gang — I’m thrilled to announce that everything is on track to have an AUDIOBOOK ready in time for the release of ALLERGIC TO MISTLETOE, the next Neighborlee, Ohio novel.

What could be better?

How about a Christmas-themed BOX to go with the book release?

I’m working on those details right now, but at the top of the list for this must-have, fun item for you and your favorite fantasy reader is a WISHING BALL ORNAMENT, like they give out at the annual decorating party at Divine’s Emporium.

There will be other goodies in the box, including a PRINT copy of ALLERGIC TO MISTLETOE, and ebook downloads, and of course, Christmas candy.

I’d really appreciate people speaking up now to let me know just how much of a demand there will be for the box, which will be mailed December 1, in time for Christmas gift giving. I’m looking at a price of $35, which includes shipping costs in the continental United States — and if you order more than one package at a time, a $3 discount on each package.

I’m kind of getting excited, the more I work on this special gift package for Neighborlee readers and friends.

So speak up and semi-reserve your box!

Got your WOLFMAN on?

The Wolfman.

Where does the Hollywood version end and folklore begin? What is the truth about the wolfman, the werewolf, the were, the lycan, the skinwalker and shapeshifter?

You know what? It doesn’t matter!

Because between the pages of this new book, we invite you to explore and enjoy and shiver and cry and laugh and cheer and sigh and even fall in love with the amazing imaginations of seventeen authors, who explore their own particular twists and turns and reflections on just what it means — or could mean — to be the Wolf.

Just which version do you believe in? Lost soul — cursed victim — avenger — motherless child — star-crossed lover — lonely heart — healer — music lover — loyal friend — hero?

Which version of the Wolfman most resonates with you?

Open the book, explore, and find out.

He could be someone you know. He could be the “boy next door.” He could be you …

COMING OCTOBER 15 from Ye Olde Dragon Books.