Meet An Author: Cindy Koepp

(Courtesy of author Cindy Koepp, from the When Your Beauty IS The Beast anthology)

Special News Bulletin

Ella Font: Good morning! This is Ella Font of the Interdimensional News Network bringing you news from the story front. I have with me today novel, resource, and comic book writer Cindy Koepp and Level 6 tinkerer Angie Neer from the tale “Damsel in This Dress.” Hello, ladies.

Cindy Koepp: Pleased to be here, Ella.

Angie Neer: (blushing) Hey!

Ella: So, Cindy, tell us about your writing.

Cindy: (adjusts her hat) I’m told (and there’s evidence to back up the claim) that I started writing when I was about 7 years old. That first story was a tale about a dog and his talking pet cactus or something like that. From that odd beginning, I went on to writing X-Men fanfic then graduated to writing original stories. My first book published in 2012, and now I have 8 novels, about 15 anthologies, 4 teacher resources, and a comic book in my credits.

Ella: And “Damsel in This Dress” is the latest?

Cindy: Actually, the comic book released just 5 days after the When Your Beauty Is a Beast anthology, so “Damsel in This Dress” is the penultimate.

Ella: That’s terrific! So, Angie, you’re the point of view character in this tale?

Angie: Right. I’m the tinkerer for a developer’s team led by Morgrim Thanyu, a dwarven warrior. By day, he works for the gaming company. We also have an elf herbalist, Leif Etree, and a sprite acrobat, Gemina Stex.

Ella: So, what can you tell us about your adventure?

Angie: We picked up a quest to make sure a kidnapped princess was safe.

Ella: Was safe? You weren’t supposed to rescue her, but you had to make sure she was safe?

Angie: Yeah, we thought that was weird, too, until we met the prince, her “loving fiancé”. Wow, was he a piece of work. Morgrim just about wanted to use his “attitude adjuster” on the guy.

Ella: Attitude adjuster?

Angie: His warhammer.

Ella: (stares wide-eyed) Well, that sure would adjust an attitude or two.

Angie: And has.

Ella: So, how does it end? Were you able to make sure the princess was safe?

Angie: (jaw drops) I can’t tell you that!

Ella: A little hint?

Angie: (shakes her head)

Ella: Cindy? You wrote this story.

Cindy: (smiles) Spoilers!

Ella: (sighs) Well, okay. I guess I’ll just have to read it and find out. And this is Ella Font of the IDNN signing off. Goodnight everybody!

Meet an Author: Stoney Setzer

Stoney Setzer is the author of “Skin Deep,” one of the stories in the When Your Beauty IS the Beast anthology, new from Ye Olde Dragon Books.

 I’ve lived in Georgia all my life, about an hour south of Atlanta. I am married with three children and one crazy dog. I am employed as a middle school special education teacher.

About my writing: I have written a number of Twilight Zone-like short stories with Christian themes. Some of them have been collected in my anthologies, “Zero Hour” and “Zero Hour 2.” I have also written the Wesley Winter series, a trilogy of mystery/suspense novels. Book #3, “Day of Reckoning,” is available for preorder and will be released on Tuesday, May 18. The ebook versions of the other two books, “Dead of Winter” and “Valley of the Shadow,” are currently on sale for $0.99 on a number of platforms. The $0.99 promotion ends on May 17, then they go back to $4.99 each.

My website is and has more information about ordering and about the promotions.

Thanks for stopping in and meeting one of our authors! We’ll have a new anthology author for you to meet every week!

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Coming Neighborlee Titles

The newest title is QUITTING THE HERO BIZ, coming March 1 in paper and ebook.

Jane Wilson disappeared when she was a child. When she learned to make herself invisible, her teachers made her disappear from Neighborlee Children’s Home. And just in time, too — before some nasty folks known only as the Rivals tried to take her away, to turn her into a weapon.

Years later, she used her semi-pseudo-superhero powers to become the Ghost, defender of the little town of Fendersburg. The plan was to attract the attention of the Rivals, and lure them into a trap. Unfortunately, the people of Fendersburg got lazy, and soon grew so dependent on the Ghost to fix all their problems, they stopped thinking for themselves.

So Jane quit being the Ghost. In the wake of the odd events during the holidays in Neighborlee, she returned to her roots. Her mission:

Find out what happened to all the Lost Kids who lived in Neighborlee Children’s Home.

Find out what the Rivals are looking for in Neighborlee.

Find the guardians.


NEW TITLE. In between helping friends plan their weddings, Lanie deals with a dog that has moved in with her, and an unwanted match from a dating service that might be planted by enemies of the guardians. Plus there’s this little problem that Daniel, her new boss, might be an enemy spy …


Revision of DIVINE’S EMPORIUM. Maurice went a little overboard in his quest to defend the little guys, the abused and bullied — and he ends up as a truly little guy. Shrunk to 5 inches tall, with his Fae magic shrunk to match, and wings slapped on his back Tinkerbell wouldn’t be caught dead in. With Angela of Divine’s Emporium as his parole officer, the next 2 years of exile in the Human Realms is going to be very interesting.


NEW TITLE. More information shows up about the disappearance of Lanie’s parents in the Bermuda Triangle … and a chance to bring them home. Problem: It might involve time travel, to snatch them out of the jaws of disaster before it strikes.

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December 1 Release!

AFV Defender Book 2: HERE THERE WERE DRAGONS, will release in paper and print on December 1.

Here There Were Dragons 

Dracs: the gift that keeps giving. And making life very interesting for the crew of the AFV Defender.

A spatial anomaly near the drac homeworld, a forbidden island, and signs of a civilization that self-destructed are just the tip of the iceberg. When spoiled brat Ambassador Vitiarre’s plot to get his hands on dracs is foiled, he sets out to make trouble for the Defender, and especially Chief of Talents M’kar. His long-standing feud with her father, Ashrock, just makes everything worse.

Then a new Chute opens up near the drac homeworld, leading to a planet with dragons in its legends. Despite no dragons present on the planet now, Vitiarre breaks regulations to invade and claim his own dragon. His schemes lead to the Defender being sent to mend the trouble he made with the matriarchal society of Castitarus.

The misfit luck of the Defender is hard at work. Male crew are kidnapped. The dracs develop allergies. Female officers are offered diplomatic gifts of men. And the crew race to find a cure for a disease that turns grown men into children — starting with Security Chief Decker, and Ashrock.

A typical mission for the crew of the AFV Defender.