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Actually, yes, you have a chance to win free books. You can go to Goodreads ( and enter the Giveaways going on NOW through April 28, to win Kindle copies of WHEN YOUR BEAUTY IS THE BEAST and BRIDE OF THE LIVING PROOF.

OR you can check out Ye Olde Dragons – Ye New Books on Facebook, or Ye Olde Dragon Books on MeWe, comment on the excerpts that will be posting for the next two weeks, until release day (May 1), and be entered in a drawing for a handful of print copies of WHEN YOUR BEAUTY IS THE BEAST.

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Here are the three books releasing May 1 — but you can enter for chances to win free copies or take advantage of pre-release discounted prices NOW. But only until April 28.

So what are you waiting for?

What if Beauty WAS a Beast?

Coming May 1 — our first anthology:

A marriage counselor who has never been in love… A missing beauty queen with an oversized ego… A hunter crippled by his own ambition… Settlers on their way to a new home in the Rockies in 1848… A jeweler’s obsession… A hero-tuber and a mystery man trapped in a haunted house… Infatuation and ego aboard a space ship bound for a new world… Curses, plants, and shapeshifters in a South American garden… A gamers’ quest with unconventional challenges… A castle and a beast being strangled by roses –and a curse… A princess’ problematic seventeenth birthday and the curses surrounding it… And a castle besieged by ice and basilisks!

What do all these things have in common? They are all variations on the Beauty and the Beast retelling. Fall in love with an old fairy tale in a whole new way as you enter their worlds and find enchantment!

Available in ebook and print most places where you like to buy books!

Coming Neighborlee Titles

The newest title is QUITTING THE HERO BIZ, coming March 1 in paper and ebook.

Jane Wilson disappeared when she was a child. When she learned to make herself invisible, her teachers made her disappear from Neighborlee Children’s Home. And just in time, too — before some nasty folks known only as the Rivals tried to take her away, to turn her into a weapon.

Years later, she used her semi-pseudo-superhero powers to become the Ghost, defender of the little town of Fendersburg. The plan was to attract the attention of the Rivals, and lure them into a trap. Unfortunately, the people of Fendersburg got lazy, and soon grew so dependent on the Ghost to fix all their problems, they stopped thinking for themselves.

So Jane quit being the Ghost. In the wake of the odd events during the holidays in Neighborlee, she returned to her roots. Her mission:

Find out what happened to all the Lost Kids who lived in Neighborlee Children’s Home.

Find out what the Rivals are looking for in Neighborlee.

Find the guardians.


NEW TITLE. In between helping friends plan their weddings, Lanie deals with a dog that has moved in with her, and an unwanted match from a dating service that might be planted by enemies of the guardians. Plus there’s this little problem that Daniel, her new boss, might be an enemy spy …


Revision of DIVINE’S EMPORIUM. Maurice went a little overboard in his quest to defend the little guys, the abused and bullied — and he ends up as a truly little guy. Shrunk to 5 inches tall, with his Fae magic shrunk to match, and wings slapped on his back Tinkerbell wouldn’t be caught dead in. With Angela of Divine’s Emporium as his parole officer, the next 2 years of exile in the Human Realms is going to be very interesting.


NEW TITLE. More information shows up about the disappearance of Lanie’s parents in the Bermuda Triangle … and a chance to bring them home. Problem: It might involve time travel, to snatch them out of the jaws of disaster before it strikes.

Have You Started Christmas Shopping? Give YOURSELF a gift …

Through the end of the year, when you order a print book from either the NEIGHBORLEE or DEFENDER series, you’ll get your pick of a free ebook in that series.

Or you can buy a book from both series, and you’ll get your pick of an ebook from both series!

You have your choice of:

CLASS REUNION, an Infrenx novella, set in the AFV Defender series

THE SHORT-LIVED ESCAPE OF JORONO CYNES, a novella in the AFV Defender series, taking place after the newest book, HERE THERE WERE DRAGONS.

DIVINE’S EMPORIUM, an interactive story in the Neighborlee series.

NEIGHBORLEE SAMPLER #1, a few select scenes from the first Neighborlee novel, CONFESSIONS OF A LOST KID.

All ebooks will be delivered by Bookfunnel within a day of receiving your order.

December 1 Release!

AFV Defender Book 2: HERE THERE WERE DRAGONS, will release in paper and print on December 1.

Here There Were Dragons 

Dracs: the gift that keeps giving. And making life very interesting for the crew of the AFV Defender.

A spatial anomaly near the drac homeworld, a forbidden island, and signs of a civilization that self-destructed are just the tip of the iceberg. When spoiled brat Ambassador Vitiarre’s plot to get his hands on dracs is foiled, he sets out to make trouble for the Defender, and especially Chief of Talents M’kar. His long-standing feud with her father, Ashrock, just makes everything worse.

Then a new Chute opens up near the drac homeworld, leading to a planet with dragons in its legends. Despite no dragons present on the planet now, Vitiarre breaks regulations to invade and claim his own dragon. His schemes lead to the Defender being sent to mend the trouble he made with the matriarchal society of Castitarus.

The misfit luck of the Defender is hard at work. Male crew are kidnapped. The dracs develop allergies. Female officers are offered diplomatic gifts of men. And the crew race to find a cure for a disease that turns grown men into children — starting with Security Chief Decker, and Ashrock.

A typical mission for the crew of the AFV Defender.

Coming New Print Releases

November 1 is the PRINT release of LIVING PROOF (that no good deed goes unpunished). Lanie and her brothers and friends head into the Christmas season with a few puzzles to solve: what happened to their parents, who apparently have vanished near the Bermuda Triangle? Who is out to get Lanie? Why are they out to get her? And most important: when is Lanie going to find time to do her Christmas shopping amid all this chaos?

January 1 the chaos and fun continue with NIGHT OF THE LIVING PROOF. Neighborlee prepares for the annual New Year’s Eve party at Eden, the community center … but something is amiss. Power fluctuations, time slides, disappearances and spells of amnesia are just the tip of the iceberg.

Head’s up!! I’m in the process of starting to create AUDIOBOOKS of the Neighborlee stories. The plan is to start with LIVING PROOF, to have it ready for Christmas … hopefully …. Stay tuned for more information here!

Warriors Against the Storm

Releasing October 15, an anthology in honor of and support of author Mary Weber (Storm Siren series).

20 short-short stories, chosen and edited by Andrew Winch of Havok Magazine, published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press. Available in ebook and paperback.

You can buy the paperback here (coming soon!), or go to your usual online outlets.

ALL PROCEEDS go to benefit Mary and her family in their current period of crisis.

New Print Release!

Tuesday, September 1, is the PRINT release day for VIRTUALLY LONDON, book 3 in the Neighborlee, Ohio fantasy series.

It’s already been available in Kindle and Kindle Unlimited for a month or two.

To celebrate the release, I’ve experimented a little bit and created an INTERACTIVE STORY, a self-guided tour of Divine’s Emporium, for you to play and have fun. And maybe make some dangerous choices …. The ebook has been uploaded to Kindle and is being released through the standard ebook outlets.

If you would like YOUR copy of DIVINE’S EMPORIUM, the self-guided tour/interactive story, FREE, it’s easy to get. Sign up for my newsletter and then email and let me know you did that. I will send the ebook out to you via Bookfunnel.

Just go to my website:, or my blog,, or my Facebook page, Michelle Levigne, Author and Editor — and fill out the form there. Easy-peasy!

Experimentation Time

I’m working on a project, and working against time. Some folks say that deadlines spur creativity. I’m of the opinion that when you don’t know what the hey-ya you’re doing, then deadlines spur a mess.

But here we go … The GOAL is to have a Choose-Your-Adventure book ready for a party favor/freebie-type-thingy to celebrate the print release of the 3rd Neighborlee book, VIRTUALLY LONDON.

Of course, where else would a book like that take place, where you make your choices and wander through a challenge, than Divine’s Emporium? The center of the weird-and-wonderful in Neighborlee.

Funny, but as I’m plotting all the different weirdness that explorers can run into, Divine’s is kind of turning out to be a dangerous place. Kind of scary, if you want to know the truth. Mostly because the “adventure” comes from disobeying Angela’s instructions, and poking your nose where it doesn’t belong … so the trouble is kind of justified. Ya think?

Right now, there will be two story paths to choose from: You are someone who comes to Divine’s to explore … and someone who (foolishly) comes into Divine’s to steal.

I’m still working out the logistics of how to handle it in ebook format, but I’m feeling good about the whole tangled mess the more time I spend wrapping my brains around it. Or maybe the tangled mess IS my brain …

Stay tuned for more details.

OH, YEAH — and keep watch for the print release of VIRTUALLY LONDON, Neighborlee, Ohio, Book 3:

Virtually London

Athena Longfellow and Doni Halliday are granddaughters of one of Neighborlee’s guardians, Ford Longfellow. When danger threatens Neighborlee, the girls awaken to their duties and their gifts, and slowly grow into their heritage.

Athena, the computer whiz, finds and experiments with an unusual video camera at Divine’s Emporium. She records Doni, and then records a room at the shop — and inadvertently opens a door to another dimension. Properly frightened, she shuts down the program behind firewalls. Enemy invasion thwarted. For now.

She doesn’t realize she also created a virtual copy of Doni, until an advanced computer class in college, when the artificial intelligence that calls herself London Holiday “moves into” her team’s class project.

Athena suddenly has a good idea how Dr. Frankenstein felt. The question is: If she has to pull the plug on London Holiday … how?