New Print Release!

Tuesday, September 1, is the PRINT release day for VIRTUALLY LONDON, book 3 in the Neighborlee, Ohio fantasy series.

It’s already been available in Kindle and Kindle Unlimited for a month or two.

To celebrate the release, I’ve experimented a little bit and created an INTERACTIVE STORY, a self-guided tour of Divine’s Emporium, for you to play and have fun. And maybe make some dangerous choices …. The ebook has been uploaded to Kindle and is being released through the standard ebook outlets.

If you would like YOUR copy of DIVINE’S EMPORIUM, the self-guided tour/interactive story, FREE, it’s easy to get. Sign up for my newsletter and then email and let me know you did that. I will send the ebook out to you via Bookfunnel.

Just go to my website:, or my blog,, or my Facebook page, Michelle Levigne, Author and Editor — and fill out the form there. Easy-peasy!

Experimentation Time

I’m working on a project, and working against time. Some folks say that deadlines spur creativity. I’m of the opinion that when you don’t know what the hey-ya you’re doing, then deadlines spur a mess.

But here we go … The GOAL is to have a Choose-Your-Adventure book ready for a party favor/freebie-type-thingy to celebrate the print release of the 3rd Neighborlee book, VIRTUALLY LONDON.

Of course, where else would a book like that take place, where you make your choices and wander through a challenge, than Divine’s Emporium? The center of the weird-and-wonderful in Neighborlee.

Funny, but as I’m plotting all the different weirdness that explorers can run into, Divine’s is kind of turning out to be a dangerous place. Kind of scary, if you want to know the truth. Mostly because the “adventure” comes from disobeying Angela’s instructions, and poking your nose where it doesn’t belong … so the trouble is kind of justified. Ya think?

Right now, there will be two story paths to choose from: You are someone who comes to Divine’s to explore … and someone who (foolishly) comes into Divine’s to steal.

I’m still working out the logistics of how to handle it in ebook format, but I’m feeling good about the whole tangled mess the more time I spend wrapping my brains around it. Or maybe the tangled mess IS my brain …

Stay tuned for more details.

OH, YEAH — and keep watch for the print release of VIRTUALLY LONDON, Neighborlee, Ohio, Book 3:

Virtually London

Athena Longfellow and Doni Halliday are granddaughters of one of Neighborlee’s guardians, Ford Longfellow. When danger threatens Neighborlee, the girls awaken to their duties and their gifts, and slowly grow into their heritage.

Athena, the computer whiz, finds and experiments with an unusual video camera at Divine’s Emporium. She records Doni, and then records a room at the shop — and inadvertently opens a door to another dimension. Properly frightened, she shuts down the program behind firewalls. Enemy invasion thwarted. For now.

She doesn’t realize she also created a virtual copy of Doni, until an advanced computer class in college, when the artificial intelligence that calls herself London Holiday “moves into” her team’s class project.

Athena suddenly has a good idea how Dr. Frankenstein felt. The question is: If she has to pull the plug on London Holiday … how?

Goodies for YOU!

Happy Birthday!

My gift to you for a whole month: Go to GOODREADS and enter the giveaway for a Kindle copy of CONFESSIONS OF A LOST KID, Neighborlee, Ohio, Book 1

That’s all there is to it.

100 copies to be given away on August 21.



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So, What Do We Have For You To Read?

Coming May 1, you’re invited to the strange, fun, sometimes frightening, magical town of Neighborlee, Ohio.

Coming May 1, you're invited to the strange, fun, sometimes frightening, magical town of Neighborlee, Ohio.

Lanie Zephyr, one of the guardians of Neighborlee, a Lost Kid, takes you on a guided tour by giving you first-hand knowledge of what it means to be a Lost Kid, figuring out what she can do and why she's in Neighborlee by reading superhero comics.

Lanie Zephyr, one of the guardians of Neighborlee, a Lost Kid, takes you on a guided tour by giving you first-hand knowledge of what it means to be a Lost Kid, figuring out what she can do and why she’s in Neighborlee by reading superhero comics.