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Welcome to My Book Table — where you can buy Ebooks written by the two olde dragons. The links take you directly to the Amazon pages.


We now have the link to buying the WARRIORS AGAINST THE STORM anthology, benefiting author Mary Weber (Storm Siren) and her family in their rebuilding efforts.

If you want the print version, you can buy it here too, but on the storefront. And the price INCLUDES shipping, so it’s a bargain!

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NOTE: All the links in My Book Table are ASSOCIATE links to Amazon, meaning I earn a tiny commission from every sale made through that link.

Bride of the Living Proof, Neighborlee Book 7
Warriors Against the Storm
Ominous Tales, Volume 1
Victoria’s War: Last of the Long-Haired Hippies, Part 3
Birth of the Storm: The Last of the Long-Haired Hippies, Part 2
Shroud of Darkness: Last of the Long-Haired Hippies, Part 1
The Pirate and the Professor
Nova Vendetta, Part 1: The Injustice
Nova Vendetta, Part 2: The Truce
Friendly Fire
Virtually London
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