Book Table

REALMIES! Our theme this year for the conference is PIRATES — and if you’re looking for pirate stories, check out Michelle’s books set in the Commonwealth Universe: NOVA VENDETTA: Part 1, The Injustice — Part 2, The Truce. And the sequel: The Pirate and the Professor.

What’s Nova Vendetta about? Well … have you heard of Captain Blood? The novel by Raphael Sabattini? The swashbuckling movie staring Errol Flynn? Yeah … transpose the story into outer space, in the generations before the utter collapse of a galaxy-spanning civilization.

(…and if you’re interested in some back story … The Pirate and the Professor came first, and was written about our pirate hero’s daughter, taking up her father’s legend and duties to save her corner of the universe …)

Confessions of a Lost Kid
Victoria’s War: Last of the Long-Haired Hippies, Part 3
Birth of the Storm: The Last of the Long-Haired Hippies, Part 2
Shroud of Darkness: Last of the Long-Haired Hippies, Part 1
The Pirate and the Professor
Nova Vendetta, Part 1: The Injustice
Nova Vendetta, Part 2: The Truce
Friendly Fire
Virtually London
Ominous Tales, Volume 1
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