Ominous Tales, Volume 1

Ominous Tales, Volume 1

This is what would happen if you put Billy Graham and Stephen King together in the Twilight Zone!

8 tales with a delicious mixture of faith, horror, and macabre humor. This is what would happen if you put Billy Graham and Stephen King together in the Twilight Zone!


Fumbleblot’s Task: The Devil gives his servant Fumbleblot one last chance to prove his worth—he has to successfully crush the faith of timid Gretchen Hobson.

The Matron: Miss Parker runs the Tenth Street Girls Shelter, but there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Room 660: A doctor with many skeletons in his closet finds himself admitted to a nursing home, where he receives the kind of care he gave for so many years.

The Confession: A man confesses his sins, and offers the only form of penance he can.

The Rider: Alice Anderson rides the stagecoach from St. Louis to Santa Fe to join her father who is preaching to the Indians. But when the stagecoach is attacked and destroyed, she finds herself in a race against time—and the mysterious dark rider!

Bessie: Every horror writer should have a ‘monster in the lake’ story! This one is mine.

Solitaire: In a near future Chicago, one woman of faith has lost her entire family and her reason to keep going. While others in the Underground, God’s Church in hiding, have jobs to do and ministries to fulfill, she finds herself adrift. But God always has a purpose.

Wings of the Dawn: A warrior, Sara, has lost battles that left her questioning her abilities. Her next assignment, Richard Daniels, balances on the knife-edge of destruction. Can one praying wife and one older brother pit all of Heaven against the forces of Hell to save him?

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Series: Ominous Tales, Book 1
Genres: Horror, Mystery and suspense
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