Christmas Child Fun(draiser)

Here’s your chance to do something incredible, powerful, wonderful — have some fun while you’re at it — and win some nifty prizes, too!

This is one of my favorite events of the year: Packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child. How can you get involved?

1: Pack a box

2: Sponsor the shipping for a box

3: Sponsor extras to go into several boxes

4: Look for the yearly Gift Catalog from Samaritan’s Purse and donate

What was that about PRIZES?

Earn tickets for a prize drawing in December.

Go to:

1 ticket for every box you sponsor. 1 ticket for every booklet you sponsor. 3 tickets for every box you pack. 1 ticket for every $10 you spend in the Gift Catalog.

Email your receipt to:

Include your Postal address and email.

Okay, so that’s how to win prizes, but WHAT prizes?

Here’s the deal: The more ENTRIES I receive, the more PRIZES I’ll give away.

1-10 entries = 1 person gets their choice of 1 print book or 2 ebooks written by Michelle Levigne.

11-20 entries = 2 people get their choice of 1 print book or 2 ebooks.

21-30 entries = 3 people get their choice.

31-40 entries = 4 people get their choice.

And so on!

Plus! Plus! Plus!
Everyone who enters will have their choice of an interactive story Michelle will be writing between now and December 15, when the prizes will be awarded.

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