Coming New Print Releases

November 1 is the PRINT release of LIVING PROOF (that no good deed goes unpunished). Lanie and her brothers and friends head into the Christmas season with a few puzzles to solve: what happened to their parents, who apparently have vanished near the Bermuda Triangle? Who is out to get Lanie? Why are they out to get her? And most important: when is Lanie going to find time to do her Christmas shopping amid all this chaos?

January 1 the chaos and fun continue with NIGHT OF THE LIVING PROOF. Neighborlee prepares for the annual New Year’s Eve party at Eden, the community center … but something is amiss. Power fluctuations, time slides, disappearances and spells of amnesia are just the tip of the iceberg.

Head’s up!! I’m in the process of starting to create AUDIOBOOKS of the Neighborlee stories. The plan is to start with LIVING PROOF, to have it ready for Christmas … hopefully …. Stay tuned for more information here!

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