Welcome to all our visitors from Realm Makers 2020 Conference, and everyone who might be wandering through.

We’re finally going live and letting people know we’re here.

Please check out our Facebook fan group page and join, to stay on top of news and events and announcements and opportunities.

If you sign our Guest Book, either on the Facebook page or here on the website, you can pick out a free ebook as a gift, to thank you for stopping by.

We’re still putting things together, figuring out what we’re doing and what we want to do in the future. The most important thing is that we seriously tempt you to come back again, to stop and shop and buy, and HAVE FUN with us!

If you go to the shop and want to order a book, PLEASE check out the Storefront page to pick up the coupon code that will give you FREE SHIPPING on books. JUST applicable to books. We’re trusting you to use the honor system. We have a flat rate charge for shipping Deborah’s beautiful dragon scarves, but the price of books includes shipping.

And remember that some of our print books are either no longer being printed OR they’re available far ahead of the official release date, so you can only buy print copies here. So please do so while you can get them, right here, from us!

Anybody who buys books during this conference week will also get some dragon-themed goodies tossed into the package …. Just saying …. so please yield to temptation!

Thanks for stopping by!

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