Meet an Author: Kaitlyn Emery

Kaitlyn Emery is one of the authors in Ye Olde Dragon Books’ newest anthology, When Your Beauty Is The Beast. In her story, Curse of the Roses, Beau willingly takes the place of his father as a prisoner under the Rose Curse. Confined to a castle surrounded by an enchantment of snow, Beau discovers an unusual friendship with his fellow cursed castle inhabitant, the lynx-like beast who would prefer to remain nameless. As thorns literally choke the life out of the castle, will Beau and his new-found friend be able to break the curse before their own lives are lost to the destruction of the Rose Curse?

From her earliest recollection, Kaitlyn was a storyteller, but an abusive marriage squelched her creativity and desire to live. But, like all exceptional origin stories, when things seem their lowest, a small flame flickered to life, fighting against the darkness. That flame was the child growing inside her, the greatest story she would ever bring into this world.

It took several years to remove the muzzle place on her by her abuser, but once she did, she never wanted to be silenced again. She began to view fantasy as a gift, because when fantasy and reality collide, hope is born. Darkness, pain, and trials come to everyone. The question is whether those experiences will shape you or break you. Her goal as a writer is to showcase the light of hope against harsh reality.

Kaitlyn is the author of numerous flash fiction stories (as a staff member of Havok Publishing, this seems a natural obsession), has been published in multiple anthologies and is the author of the children’s book The Dragon Ate My Nightlight. To learn more about her, you can visit her website You can also follow her on Instagram (@kaitlyn_scribbling) where she posts about life, writing, and her furry rescues.

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