New Print Release!

Tuesday, September 1, is the PRINT release day for VIRTUALLY LONDON, book 3 in the Neighborlee, Ohio fantasy series.

It’s already been available in Kindle and Kindle Unlimited for a month or two.

To celebrate the release, I’ve experimented a little bit and created an INTERACTIVE STORY, a self-guided tour of Divine’s Emporium, for you to play and have fun. And maybe make some dangerous choices …. The ebook has been uploaded to Kindle and is being released through the standard ebook outlets.

If you would like YOUR copy of DIVINE’S EMPORIUM, the self-guided tour/interactive story, FREE, it’s easy to get. Sign up for my newsletter and then email and let me know you did that. I will send the ebook out to you via Bookfunnel.

Just go to my website:, or my blog,, or my Facebook page, Michelle Levigne, Author and Editor — and fill out the form there. Easy-peasy!

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