PASSPORT: Ohio Literary Trail

Members of Ohio ACFW, here’s where you can learn about the proposed anthology of stories we hope to publish in late 2022, sparked by your visits to different sites along the Ohio Literary Trail during 2021/2022.

The emphasis on this little adventure of traveling the Ohio Literary Trail (courtesy of Ohioana Library) is to INSPIRE you. In your writing journey.  And to WRITE. We’re betting that somewhere along the trail, you’re going to see something, hear a story, talk with other writers who visit with you … and you’ll get one of those “What if?” moments.

What if this little event combines with these characters from somewhere else …. What if this person didn’t come home from whatever war … What if they found that missing child … What if that legend was real … What if this writer gave up …. What if this celebrity who visited stayed a while … What if …?

We’re challenging you to write the story that comes from your “What if ….?” moment. We want to celebrate with an anthology in fall of 2022, with the stories you picked up along the trail, the ideas, the “What if ….?” wonderings and inspirations. Essentially, stories by Ohio writers, inspired by Ohio places and people and events and achievements and literary connections.

(Hey, you can always use another publication credit to put on your website, another story to  offer your readers. And maybe the story you write here will be the jumping off point of a new book or series. You never know!)

Proceeds (after production costs are paid for) will go into the fund to pay for the prizes that participants in the adventure earn by visiting sites, reporting, sharing interesting bits, and writing stories based on their visit.

All participating authors in the anthology can buy print copies at 50% discount, plus shipping costs. You will receive ebook files to share and use for promotional purposes.

Publication will be under the Ye Olde Dragon Books imprint. Sales will be handled on the usual online venues, plus at the Ye Olde Dragon Books online store.

Submission guides: Word document; 12pt Times New Roman font; single-spaced; no headers, footers or page numbers; contact information and word count at the top of the first page; email as an attachment to by September 30, 2022.

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