Here’s your chance to order a print book BEFORE it’s available in the stores or online or wherever you might go to buy books.

During the MONTH before a book is released for general sales, you can order it for a $1 discount off the normal price. You don’t have to do anything, no coupons to find and enter.

Shipping is INCLUDED in the regular price of the book — meaning you’re already getting a discount off the cover price if you bought it in a store or online.

PLUS: if you order any other books in the catalog at the time you order the Pre-Release book, I’ll throw in some cool swag that’s appropriate to the book. For example, a toy robot comes to life in Semi-Pseudo-Superheroes, so I’ll throw in some robot erasers. Or a dragon glider (toy plane) or dragon finger puppets. If you order 4 or more books I’ll throw in a mini plush dragon of your very own, to keep you company while you read.

So what’s coming up in May, that you can pre-order, for $1 off the regular price in the month of April?

Engagements have become a contagious disease in Neighborlee!

In between helping friends plan their weddings, Lanie deals with a dog (that is much more than a dog) that has moved in with her.

Then there’s an unwanted match from a dating service that might be planted by enemies of the guardians.

While the guardians slowly make contact with possible allies, they sift through warehouses full of information about their enemies, the Rivals, and discover a new problem: Daniel, Lanie’s new boss, might be an enemy spy …

A marriage counselor who has never been in love… A missing beauty queen with an oversized ego… A hunter crippled by his own ambition… Settlers on their way to a new home in the Rockies in 1848… A jeweler’s obsession… A hero-tuber and a mystery man trapped in a haunted house… Infatuation and ego aboard a space ship bound for a new world… Curses, plants, and shapeshifters in a South American garden… A gamers’ quest with unconventional challenges… A castle and a beast being strangled by roses — and a curse… A princess’ problematic seventeenth birthday and the curses surrounding it… And a castle besieged by ice and basilisks!

What do all these things have in common? They are all variations on the Beauty and the Beast retelling. Fall in love with an old fairy tale in a whole new way as you enter their worlds and find enchantment!

Many moons ago, when I was in grad school, I had a dream. An idea, motivated by a statement from C.S. Lewis about using speculative fiction for evangelism. Could I actually use my love of SF, my far-roaming imagination, for the glory of my Savior … and reach people who wouldn’t come within a mile of a church if it was the last building standing at the end of the world?

If Lewis thought so, why not at least try?

Then a classmate decided that my science fiction books had invited demons into my life. (This was a year before Peretti published This Present Darkness.)

So what could a recovering Trekker do, when someone tried to impose their square hole on her star-shaped peg?

Contained in the pages of this book is my answer.

My master’s portfolio thesis and defense of speculative fiction as not only an evangelistic tool, but good for your soul.

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