Here’s your chance to order a book BEFORE it’s available in the stores or online or wherever you might go to buy books.

During the MONTH before a book is released for general sales, you can order it in paper from Ye Olde Dragon Books for a $1 discount off the normal price. You don’t have to do anything, no coupons to find and enter.

PLUS, prices have been temporarily lowered in the EBOOK version.

PLUS PLUS: if you order any other books in the catalog at the time you order the Pre-Release book in print from Ye Olde Dragons, I’ll throw in some cool swag. If you order 4 or more print books I’ll throw in a mini plush dragon of your very own, to keep you company while you read.

So what’s coming up in September, that you can pre-order, for $1 off the regular print and ebook price in the month of August?

What do a pregnant, shape-changing, interdimensional visitor, a questionable summer job at an even more questionable new business, a college life sciences project, and returning nemeses have to do with finally finding out what happened to Charlie and Rainbow Zephyr?

That’s what Lanie and her growing team of allies are trying to figure out. Cerb is back, with Loralee, the “girl” of his dreams — both of them stuck in dog shape while on Earth — and looking forward to a “blessed event.” Instead of suffering cravings, Loralee digs up Lanie’s yard, in her sleep, uncovering jewels and bones and trouble.

Then there are strange visions that result from unwise exploration of Black Water Pool and Jinx’s pond. Both are off-limits spots in the quarries that have been seriously and strangely affected by past magic. And Senior Prank Night escapades.

When magically altered water seems to open a doorway to view the past, Lanie and her brothers take  advantage of a chance to figure out what happened to their parents in Bermuda, going on two years ago. The question is if they’re preparing to rescue their parents — or if they are the cause of the mystery after all.

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