A Musket in My Hands


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Two sisters disguise themselves as men to muster into the Confederate army in the fall of 1864—just in time for things to go badly for Southern soldiers at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee.


2019 Serious Writer Medal Fiction Winner


2019 Selah Awards Finalist


Callie Jennings reels from her pa’s ultimatum that she marry his friend, a man older than him. Her heart belongs to her soldier, Zach Pearson. With no place to hide, her sister, Louisa, proposes a shocking alternative.


Zach still hears his pa’s scornful word—quitter. He’s determined to serve the Confederacy until they win the war. If they win the war.  


Callie and Louisa disguise themselves as soldiers and muster into the Confederate army. Tough times are getting tougher for their Confederacy. With a battle looming, Callie’s military haven isn’t a shelter anymore.


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