Cooking Up Trouble: Tabor Heights Year Two


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Welcome to Tabor Heights:

A friendly little town on Ohio’s North Coast, where sweet romance is always in the air.

Here you’ll be able to explore the lives of the members of the congregation of Tabor Christian Church in the space of two years. The stories overlap, and there’s no one right place to start.


Just like any small town, you come in, you meet someone, you hear their story and get to know them, and they introduce you to their friends, tell you something about them, and you learn those stories. As you get to know these new friends, they introduce you to other people, and tell you about other interesting stories in town.


It’s the same way with Tabor Heights. Start with the story that interests you the most, and then branch out.


Settle back and enjoy your visit.



Audrey lives for cooking and Homespun Theater. The ensemble is her family, her safe place, after essentially being rejected by her only relatives. It’s a dream come true when she is asked to help develop a dinner theater at Homespun.

Steve likes Tabor, so different from Hollywood. He originally came to town to investigate Max, his newly discovered half-sister. He stays for Homespun and the change in atmosphere. He enjoys partnering with Audrey, first on stage as Romeo and Juliet, then developing the dinner theater, then frustrating the paparazzi who gather like sharks around Max’s wedding.

People from Audrey’s past, friend and foe, return to complicate her life. In the process, they threaten her growing friendship with Steve. When things don’t add up and stories conflict, Steve fears Audrey is a user and schemer, just like all the problems and people he thought he left behind in Hollywood. He doesn’t want to believe it.

The problem lies in trusting someone who won’t trust him enough to share her secret pain.


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