Dancing on My Grave: Book & Mug Mysteries #2 – audiobook


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Becca Sheridan comes home from overseas with big hopes, but Conrad Price, the center of those hopes, has changed. For one thing, he has kicked her square dancing club, the Four Corners, out of Windows on the River, the venue they have used for years. It’s little comfort that he also kicked out the Tippy Toes tap dancing club, led by Becca’s high school rival, Simone Radcliffe — because now Conrad and Simone are an item.

Or are they? Over the months that follow, Conrad seems to be two people. His grandmother, Sarah Fontaine, grows afraid of him. Then estranged Fontaine relatives return to Cadburn Township, wanting to take away the family busines. Is Conrad trying to fix the family rift, or make it worse? Is he trying to get back together with Becca, or does Simone still have him wrapped around her glittery fingers?

When Sarah dies on vacation, and there is no body to bury, Becca starts asking questions she should have asked months ago. A Fontaine uncle vanishes, then there’s a dead body in Cadburn Creek. Is Conrad trying to make things right with Becca or not? And just what is in the letters Sarah left behind, to be read at the settling of the family trust?

When Four Corners is allowed to return to Windows on the River, Becca should be dancing for joy. But something just doesn’t feel right. What else will she uncover as she and friends from Book & Mug dig into what has been hidden all these months in Cadburn Township?

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