Liars’ Quest: The Enchanted Castle Archives, Book 1 — ebook


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The enchanted castle lies somewhere in the enchanted forest, which touches all kingdoms.

At one time or another. There’s no predicting when the portal into the forest will open.

Getting in is difficult.

Getting out is even harder.

The castle moves about in the forest, needing an anchor. And a princess.

The forest moves from kingdom to kingdom.

Until two wanderers stumble inside, and meet in their separate quests to break curses and find answers.


An orphan servant, Ash successfully masqueraded as a boy until she was nearly 15 — then a spoiled brat nobleman’s daughter accused her of assault.

A quixotic justiciar got involved, and with both girls revealed as liars, sentenced them to a quest. Ostensibly, the one who succeeded in accomplishing the list of deeds would be proven the innocent, injured party.

Ash fled to avoid being captured by the spoiled brat’s servants and forced to do all the quest work for both of them. Along the way, she stumbled in and out of trouble and learned a great deal of magic — including the magic born into her blood.

Her traveling companions: Fang the bunny, who complicated things when he was only partially turned into a vampire, and a spirit ring, to allow the justiciar to spy on her adventures. When the ring decided to become Ash’s friend, then things got interesting.


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