Ohio Trail Mix: Adventures and Inspiration Along the Ohio Literary Trail


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Ohio is full of literary connections. Libraries, museums, homes of authors, historical sites.

Did you know Superman was born in Ohio?

Did you know Harriet Beecher Stowe lived in the Cincinnati area?

Check out the Ohio Literary Trail, compiled by Ohioana, for more interesting facts.


But before that, we invite you to enjoy some stories inspired by visits to a handful of Ohio Literary Trail sites in the last year. Your imagination might be sparked. Or at the very least, your curiosity!


Mazza Mystery: Just who was the woman pretending to be a known artist? Why?


Bovine:  An elitist author comes to a backwater Ohio county, thinking he’s found the perfect setting for the perfect crime.


Between Semicolons and Plot Twisters: An author finds more in common with Harriet Beecher Stowe than she ever would have guessed, when modern-day slavery comes close to home.


The Mask: A gift of true love is passed through the ages.

Books: Caged and Free: On a moonlit night, old books come to life to share their stories.


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