The Blue Lotus Society: Guardians of the Time Stream, Book 1 – EBook


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A traveling exhibit of Egyptian artifacts is threatened by thieves. Pinkerton agents, including Ess Fremont, are assigned to protection duty. The thefts of artifacts around the world makes this a priority mission, not just for the sake of antiquity but for diplomatic reasons.

A midnight vigil in the Smithsonian Institution’s warehouse brings Ess face-to-face with the reason behind the thefts — and the two groups seeking what is hidden within the artifacts.

Encountering her missing grandparents’ allies, Ess has a chance to reclaim her heritage. The question is if she wants to. Athena Latymer and the members of the Blue Lotus Society aren’t being honest with her. How can she join a battle affecting the entire world when she doesn’t understand the reasons for the war? There is more to the Blue Lotus Society than protecting Egyptian history and culture.

As the exhibition crosses the country, Ess approaches the tipping point, when her decision could be made for her. Who can she trust? Who is lying to her and using her? Even for the chance to be reunited with her brother, Uly, she isn’t quite ready to commit herself to an organization full of secrets.

Then the enemy strikes far too close, and she discovers that making the right choice can’t always wait until all her questions are answered.


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