Two Olde Dragons Writing Wyrd Stories – Ebook


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Dragons! Are they good or bad? Do they help humanity or devour them? Depending on the author and the story, you’ll find both. In fact, you’ll find both within the covers of this book!

Jasmine is a human child who loves all the creatures of the forest, but the one thing she loves more than anything else is a rescued dragon egg, the one thing that is forbidden in her village. But perhaps with enough love, her dragon will be different. Won’t breaking the rules be worth it if her dragon can protect them all?

Fragmar is a wise old dragon who wants very much to be left alone with her books and scrolls. But the ambitions and insanity of the human race call to her for solutions to their dilemmas over and over as the centuries of her life unfurl. Where will it all end?

The Hideaway is a cozy little getaway in upstate New York where the wealthy can take their trysts without being seen. At least that’s what Alice has been told. But when she finds her husband’s car, its interior covered in blood, the plot becomes darker, and much more sinister.

Confri Audascus has psionic Talent, which makes her a good candidate for the project with the Defender’s crew. Only a Talent can establish communication with the Castitaran dragons, known as numenjax. But when the communication short-circuits Confri and knocks her out cold, she thinks her part in the project is over. Until the numenjax come up with a much more creative plan!

The Two Olde Dragons are pleased to introduce The Bard, James K. Bowers, with his epic dragon poems, “Dragonbane” and “Ice Dragon” to open and close the collection.


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