Meet An Author: Cindy Koepp

(Courtesy of author Cindy Koepp, from the When Your Beauty IS The Beast anthology) Special News Bulletin Ella Font: Good morning! This is Ella Font of the Interdimensional News Network bringing you news from the story front. I have with me today novel, resource, and comic book writer Cindy Koepp and Level 6 tinkerer AngieContinue reading “Meet An Author: Cindy Koepp”

Warriors Against the Storm

Releasing October 15, an anthology in honor of and support of author Mary Weber (Storm Siren series). 20 short-short stories, chosen and edited by Andrew Winch of Havok Magazine, published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press. Available in ebook and paperback. You can buy the paperback here (coming soon!), or go to your usual online outlets.Continue reading “Warriors Against the Storm”