This Week’s Guest: JF Rogers

This week on the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling podcast: JF Rogers, author of the Cursed Lands series. We had a lot of fun chatting and laughing and getting to know each other. Click on the podcast page and listen right here on the website, available Saturday, July 1, and get to know Jennifer as well!!!

J. F. Rogers lives in Southern Maine with her husband, daughter, pets…and usually an imaginary friend or two. She has a degree in Behavioral Science and teaches a 5th & 6th grade Sunday School class. When she’s not entertaining Tuki the Mega Mutt, her constant companion and greatest distraction, she’s likely tap tap tapping away at her keyboard, praying the words will miraculously align just so. Above all, she’s a believer in the One True God and can say with absolute certainty—you are loved. Connect with her at

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