Countdown: 22

Fresh off the presses — or should that be, fresh out of the recording studio — the AUDIOBOOK version of today’s featured sale book is available.

Get it HERE before it’s available anywhere else online. Because it takes a while for the vendors to pick it up.

But it’s a Christmas book — actually 2 Christmas stories in one volume. From your favorite, friendly little town on Ohio’s North Coast, where sweet romance is always in the air ….

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Countdown: 23

Forget the clues! I’m telling you the title, because it’s a brand new release TODAY!

CHRISTMAS IN OHIO is the newest release from Mt. Zion Ridge Press. A collection of 4 stories …. set in Ohio! At Christmas!

Well, that’s kind of a given, considering the title…..

You can get the entire anthology in paper from the Mt. Zion Ridge Press site, and at any online retailer. And you can get the individual stories as ebooks or audiobooks.

BUT right here on the Ye Olde Dragon Books site, you can get a BOOK BUNDLE of all four stories in ebook and audiobook.

How can I do this? Well, if you haven’t heard before, I am co-owner and co-managing editor at Mt. Zion Ridge Press, but I am also one of the participating authors!

Get CHRISTMAS IN OHIO right here, at a discount price, today!

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Countdown: 24

Another clue: Biblical fiction, women’s fiction.

Available in paper and ebook only. I haven’t had time to do narrating for the audiobook, but it’s on my To Do list.

Remember: for the featured titles today, you get $2 off ebook and paperback, plus free shipping.

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Countdown: 25

Want another clue?

This is a series I’m RE-releasing. Originally released in ebook only, but now being released every 2 or 3 months in paper, ebook, and audio.

You can only find ebook and audio here at Ye Olde Dragon Books.

Remember: $2 off ebooks, $3 off audiobooks, and $2 off paperbacks of the FEATURED titles for each day.

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Countdown: 26


$2 off ebooks

$3 off audiobooks

$2 off paperbacks, plus free shipping.

In the FEATURED TITLES for today (and yeah, into tomorrow!)

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Glitch in the System!

If you’ve been shopping, taking advantage of Cyber Monday, or any other sales, you may have noticed that a book is marked SALE, with the regular price crossed out …

…and the sale price is the SAME.

Don’t know why that is, because I’ve been scrambling for days to schedule the sale prices four or five days in advance. Yes it’s a cliche, but blame the computer. I don’t know what the software is doing.


Please trust me. As soon as a purchase goes through, I will process a refund in the amount of the discount promised for that day’s sale item. So for example, if you buy 4 ebooks, you will get back $8.


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Countdown: 27

We’re changing things up. The storefront software is giving us fits — sorry!

So here’s the deal now: instead of the sale price being a percent, straight across the board it’s going to be:

$2 off ebooks

$3 off audiobooks

$2 off paperbacks — and still free shipping.

Plus …………….

To celebrate CYBER MONDAY, today’s one of the days you can earn an AMAZON GIFT CARD.

If you buy a digital product, you’ll get an e-gift card sent to you in the email provided when you pay for your order.

If you buy a paperback, the gift card will be included in your package — which will be put in the mail on Tuesday.

Happy shopping!

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Countdown: 28

Look for ebooks and book bundles.

Ebooks are 50% off.

Paperbacks are 20% off.

And make sure to come back bright and early for CYBER MONDAY.

Extra special bonuses for early shoppers, and those of you buying up to keep busy on those cold winter nights in the future.

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Countdown: 29

Today’s featured sale title actually has 3 titles to choose from — and a book bundle, where you save already BEFORE the 50% sale price.

What are you waiting for?

Oh, heads up: Our theme for spring 2024 will be Red Riding Hood … just to give you another clue!

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Countdown: 30


Just a reminder: Ebooks and audiobooks are 50% during the countdown on the day they are listed (and the day after….).

Print books are 20% off, and free shipping.

And check back every day to find out when/how you can win an Amazon gift card.

Just click on the storefront to begin the search!

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