The AFV Defender

Centuries ago, the Human homeworld, Core, was threatened by a galactic disaster. The Gatekeepers scattered the Human race across the universe. At least, that’s where most legends agree…

When the residents of Le’anka gained spaceflight, they launched a two-pronged quest:

First, reunite all the scattered races of Humans. Thus the Alliance was born.

Second, find the Gatekeepers and ask them: Just what were you thinking?

These are the adventures of  the E&D ship, AFV Defender. While they aren’t quite as death-defying as a certain other notorious ship in the Fleet, they’re developing a legend of their own. Some good. Some bad. But most important, they’re a family, with all the benefits and drawbacks.

Every day is a new adventure. If their misfit luck doesn’t finally run out on them.


Friendly Fire

Captain Genys Arroyan has a problem with her shiny new command — the dregs of the universe are laughing.

While the Defender is in spacedock, getting upgrades, Genys has to deal with mind-hunters and farting fur balls, merchants-of-insanity and diplomatic intrigue. Her Chief of Talents is hiding from forced matrimony and her new crewmembers aren’t too happy to be transferred to the Nanny Ship.

Then she finds out that the insectoid Hivers have a taste for the brains of the children of her crew. Falling through a Chute to another galaxy might turn out to be a good thing, even if dangerous.

A rescue mission turns into a battle to save a race of miniature dragons from genocide. They might just be sentient — but more important, dracs could turn out to be the defensive weapon the Alliance needs against the Hiver threat. Genys and her crew could end up breaking dozens of regulations in the quest to save dracs and maybe the Human race.  Just how much trouble could teleporting, fire-breathing creatures with the personalities of four-year-olds cause on board a military vessel?

The misfit luck of the AFV Defender might finally be running out.

# 2

Here There Were Dragons 

Dracs: the gift that keeps giving. And making life very interesting for the crew of the AFV Defender.

A spatial anomaly near the drac homeworld, a forbidden island, and signs of a civilization that self-destructed are just the tip of the iceberg. When spoiled brat Ambassador Vitiarre’s plot to get his hands on dracs is foiled, he sets out to make trouble for the Defender, and especially Chief of Talents M’kar. His long-standing feud with her father, Ashrock, just makes everything worse.

Then a new Chute opens up near the drac homeworld, leading to a planet with dragons in its legends. Despite no dragons present on the planet now, Vitiarre breaks regulations to invade and claim his own dragon. His schemes lead to the Defender being sent to mend the trouble he made with the matriarchal society of Castitarus.

The misfit luck of the Defender is hard at work. Male crew are kidnapped. The dracs develop allergies. Female officers are offered diplomatic gifts of men. And the crew race to find a cure for a disease that turns grown men into children — starting with Security Chief Decker, and Ashrock.

A typical mission for the crew of the AFV Defender.

How about some short stories, to get a taste of what you can look forward to with the Defender stories?

Class Reunion

They were the anomalies, the Talents that didn’t check all the boxes or fit within neat, understood, traditional guidelines. Gathered together under a Premier Master at the Academy on Le’anka, the nine Talents were called Infrenx, for the magical bird of legend, of healing and power … and sometimes destruction.

When they graduated, they scattered through the Alliance, using their Talents to serve and protect.

Their greatest challenge came when some members of Infrenx class returned to Le’anka for what they thought would be a time of rest and fun and reunion. An enemy had struck, managing to slide past the security precautions of the Academy, the headquarters and birthplace of the Alliance. As the members of Infrenx class discovered, even the mighty bird of legend had a nemesis, and it would take all their combined strength and training and the ultimate sacrifice to defend their home.

The Short-Lived Escape of Jorono Cynes

A story between novels.

The crew of the Defender had run afoul of the irritating, silly little con man Jorono Cynes one time too many.

He was supposed to be in custody for the rest of his life, but somehow Cynes showed up in the middle of a shore leave that was anything but relaxing.

Lt. M’kar and Security Chief Decker were supposed to be guiding some of the ship’s children through a wilderness survival experience, but even though they were on shore leave, they knew their duty. They had to deal with Cynes and get him back into the hands of the authorities ASAP.

And if they could have some fun and frighten the irritating little troublemaker while they were at it, all the better.


From M’kar’s childhood on Nisandros, through her training as a Talent on Le’anka, to a mission only glossed over in the captain’s log … mysteries are solved, and more questions arise for the crew of the AFV Defender to solve … someday.

On Nisandros, tattoos are used to highlight honor scars and tell the tale of how they were won. Except for the blue lines women wear around their eyes to honor and walk in the footsteps of Etrusca, warrior woman who defied the leaders of her world to restore the worship of Enlo. M’kar took her vows to Etrusca as a child, and her most dangerous adventure yet brings her home to Nisandros, where crazy old prophets want to kill her … or force her into political marriage. Will she finally find the answers to questions waiting for centuries?

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