Meet The Dragons

Hi, this is Michelle. Here’s where you, brave reader, get to meet us, learn a little bit about us.

For now, I’m just going to insert the About the Author info from the back of my books. This may change without notice!

On the road to publication, Michelle fell into fandom in college and has 40+ stories in various SF and fantasy universes. She has a bunch of useless degrees in theater, English, film/communication, and writing. Even worse, she has over 100 books and novellas with multiple small presses, in science fiction and fantasy, YA, suspense, women’s fiction, and sub-genres of romance.

Her official launch into publishing came with winning first place in the Writers of the Future contest in 1990. She was a finalist in the EPIC Awards competition multiple times, winning with Lorien in 2006 and The Meruk Episodes, I-V, in 2010, and was a finalist in the Realm Award competition, in conjunction with the Realm Makers convention.

Her training includes the Institute for Children’s Literature; proofreading at an advertising agency; and working at a community newspaper. She is a tea snob and freelance edits for a living ( for info/rates), but only enough to give her time to write. Her newest crime against the literary world is to be co-managing editor at Mt. Zion Ridge Press and launching the publishing co-op, Ye Olde Dragon Books. Be afraid … be very afraid. 

Look for Michelle’s Goodreads groups: Guardians of Neighborlee, Voyages of the AFV Defender, Neighborlee Streets

This is where you get to meet Deborah Cullins Smith. When she sends something to upload, it will be inserted.

So this is basically a placeholder.

Stay tuned!

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