Anthology Submissions

We only publish 2 anthologies each year — at least, that’s the plan!

Classic Monsters will be released October 15 each year. 2022: WHO’S THE MONSTER? (Frankenstein’s Monster)

Fairytales will be released May 1 each year. 2023: PERCHANCE TO DREAM (Sleeping Beauty). Now open for submissions. 2,000-8,000 words.

Email us for the full submission guidelines:

What do we want? We’ll launch from the classic Hollywood monster or known fairytale (ala Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson) and then YOU get to go off at whatever angle strikes your fancy. (We mean, really go off the beaten path. Please don’t simply rename and redress something that could be considered copyright infringement…) TURN IT ON ITS EAR! (In other words, have fun!) Word or RTF document. Include your postal address, email, website/blog. Send to:

Submission Period: Monsters, June 1 to July 31. Fairytale, November 1-January 31.

Reading and acceptance: Monsters, August. Fairytale, February.

Production, editing, formatting: Monsters, September. Fairytale, March.

Upload and pre-release activities: Monsters, September to October 15. Fairytale, April.

What do YOU get? 4 print copies (subsequent author copies: 50% discount, plus shipping and handling), ePub and Mobi files, a share of royalties divided among all participating authors after costs, a burst of creative, shared promotion ideas, and FUN.

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