Etrusca’s Vow. AFV Defender Book 3 – audiobook


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Etrusca was a warrior woman in the distant past of Nisandros, who defied the clan heads and fought to turn her world from the worship of the Ancestors and back to worshipping and serving Enlo.

For that she nearly died.

Many times.

Multiple blue lines mark the scars around her eyes and mouth where her enemies tried to blind her and silence her forever.

Women of Nisandros mark their eyes with blue lines to honor Etrusca and to vow service to Enlo.

M’kar earned her blue lines at age 8, when an adventure nearly killed her, and dropped her into a mystery she would spend the next twenty-some years trying to unravel. Follow her as her Talent awakens and she gains allies and enemies, until the day she returns to Nisandros to solve the mystery, very much against her will.


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