For Sale: Wedding Dress. Never Used. – EBook


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Eve  was sure that God had created her for ministry rather than marriage, thanks to a bunch of guys who swept through her life with various levels of damage and frustration. Every time she thought about getting rid of that stupid wedding dress, something happened!

Guys such as:

A patriarchal bully of a cousin who thought he owned her — and could sell her, for his own benefit.

Her college sweetheart.

The guy she bought the dress for — it didn’t suit him any more than it suited her.

The guy she was dating on the rebound — and didn’t even know it until he dumped her.

A wacko who tried to terrify her into running into his arms.

A hero who pretended to be dating her to protect her from the guy she thought she didn’t want.

It wasn’t until she finally got rid of the dress, and the attached dreams, that true love came into her life.

Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?


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