Heretic’s Daughter: Sarai’s Journey Book 1


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Sarai knew her life’s path from childhood.


Daughter of a wealthy, respected rabbi, she prepared herself for marriage to a man of equal wealth and status. Her father indulged her curiosity, and provided her an education rare among women of those times. She used the healing talents Adonai had given her, to serve others.


However, her father’s teachings about the Messiah were in conflict with the high priest, and many in the Sanhedrin. He believed the Messiah would first come as the Suffering Servant, not as a triumphant warrior to rescue Judea from the tyranny of Rome. He was labeled a heretic, ostracized from the Temple. When he died, Sarai’s world disintegrated. Her suitor vanished, along with all his sweet promises.


Reduced to nothing, Sarai devoted herself to the man who kept his promises when everyone else abandoned her.


Then she encountered a rabbi named Jesus, from Nazareth, who fulfilled everything her father had taught about the Messiah. As Jerusalem was split by the question of who Jesus was, Sarai faced the most painful decision of her life.


The man who risked everything to rescue her, or the duty she owed to Adonai?


Break her promises and lose everything she had regained, or destroy her soul?


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