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Sequel to the Tabor Heights novel, FIRESONG.

Dani has growing doubts about mixing marriage and a music ministry on the road. Then again, with as little time as she and Kurt can spend together, despite working for the same ministry, she might never see that engagement ring. Four weeks at a teen music boot camp gives them time together, but the egos and politics that converge in one place might threaten everything.

Interested in reading more stories about the people and events in Tabor Heights and Quarry Hall?

Right now, there are 31 ebooks available of the books originally published by Desert Breeze Publishing, now published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press. (

In 2023, Mt. Zion Ridge Press will start a massive project of releasing print and audiobook versions of Tabor Heights and Quarry Hall stories, with new cover art, eventually leading up to some totally new books in both overlapping series.

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