ANGELA’S KNIGHT, the 12th Neighborlee book, is due for release March 1. You can pre-order it now in ebook and paper, and the audiobook should start being released to the various outlets by the 24th. That leaves ONE MORE Neighborlee book to be revised, printed, and released: THE LIVING PROOF GETS THE BLUES, due forContinue reading “COUNTDOWN:”

New Year, New Book, New Blog!

Happy New Year, friends and fans and readers of Ye Olde Dragon Books. I’m delighted to announce the release of a new book today — in paper, ebook, and audio. The 11th Neighborlee adventure. Only TWO more Neighborlee books to be published, and … that’s all, folks! Just when the guardians of Neighborlee believe theyContinue reading “New Year, New Book, New Blog!”

Ready to Hunt Some Vampires?

Hey, did you notice that Deborah Cullins Smith, the other half of the dragon team, has a NEW BOOK out? If you read our wolfman-themed anthology, MOONLIGHT AND CLAWS, then you’ve already met her heroine, Mina Harker, widow of Jonathan Harker and member of the team that took down Dracula! Check out her book onContinue reading “Ready to Hunt Some Vampires?”

Black Friday to Cyber Monday: SALE!!

Buy TWO or MORE books — either print or ebook — and you’ll get a code for an audiobook. Two or more Neighborlee books: Your choice of Confessions of a Lost Kid, Living Proof (that no good deed goes unpunished), or Allergic to Mistletoe. Two or more Defender books: Your choice of Friendly Fire orContinue reading “Black Friday to Cyber Monday: SALE!!”

Ready to Order Your Christmas Book Box?

Check out the storefront, where you can order your Christmas gift box. You’ll get: A print copy of ALLERGIC TO MISTLETOE, Neighborlee Book 10 Candy canes A Wishing Ball ornament, like you’d get if you attended the decorating party at Divine’s Emporium Hot chocolate Gift bag Other goodies (still shopping and having fun!) Postage includedContinue reading “Ready to Order Your Christmas Book Box?”

Do you VELLA?

STOCKS.JANE STOCKS.The (slightly) redacted files. I have a story in Vella, introducing a new character.Jane is an agent-in-training who thinks she messes up big-time during her graduation assignment.Then she KNOWS she messed up, when she gets an assignment that is just on the edge of humiliating. She’s waiting for the day the Agency wipes herContinue reading “Do you VELLA?”

Christmas Book Box, Anyone?

Hey, gang — I’m thrilled to announce that everything is on track to have an AUDIOBOOK ready in time for the release of ALLERGIC TO MISTLETOE, the next Neighborlee, Ohio novel. What could be better? How about a Christmas-themed BOX to go with the book release? I’m working on those details right now, but atContinue reading “Christmas Book Box, Anyone?”

Got your WOLFMAN on?

The Wolfman. Where does the Hollywood version end and folklore begin? What is the truth about the wolfman, the werewolf, the were, the lycan, the skinwalker and shapeshifter? You know what? It doesn’t matter! Because between the pages of this new book, we invite you to explore and enjoy and shiver and cry and laughContinue reading “Got your WOLFMAN on?”

Working on that Filk?

(referring back to the previous blog post — contest to win ebooks or the newest Defender adventure or audiobooks (which are currently in process)) To help you write that filk, with the required title of, “All The Boys I’ve Loathed Before,” below is a sample of the current rough draft of the Defender novel withContinue reading “Working on that Filk?”

Contest: Can you FILK?

All right — first question: Do you know what FILKING is? Basically, it’s a fandom thing. People take a well-known tune and then put new words to it, about their favorite fandom, either a movie series, TV show, or book series. I need YOU to put on your creative cap and do some filking for me.Continue reading “Contest: Can you FILK?”