Working on that Filk?

(referring back to the previous blog post — contest to win ebooks or the newest Defender adventure or audiobooks (which are currently in process)) To help you write that filk, with the required title of, “All The Boys I’ve Loathed Before,” below is a sample of the current rough draft of the Defender novel withContinue reading “Working on that Filk?”

Contest: Can you FILK?

All right — first question: Do you know what FILKING is? Basically, it’s a fandom thing. People take a well-known tune and then put new words to it, about their favorite fandom, either a movie series, TV show, or book series. I need YOU to put on your creative cap and do some filking for me.Continue reading “Contest: Can you FILK?”

Book Fair at Realm Makers Conference

Are you going to be in St. Louis this Saturday, July 17? If so, the Olde Dragons would love it if we could meet up, face-to-face, with you. We’re going to be at the annual Realm Makers Conference, and our BOOK FAIR is Saturday evening, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, from 7:30 to 10pm in the Versailles Ballroom/foyer, at Sheraton Westport Chalet, 191 W Port PlazaContinue reading “Book Fair at Realm Makers Conference”

Meet An Author: Cassandra Hamm

In our When Your Beauty Is The Beast anthology: Sisterly love, animal shapeshifters, and plant curses—what could be better? “Shadow of the Cinchona Grove” is a Latinx-inspired Beauty and the Beast retelling that takes place in a South America garden. Here’s the description: Rosa is a Verdora, a gardener who can speak to plants. WhenContinue reading “Meet An Author: Cassandra Hamm”

New Book Release Day!

It’s release day for THE KINDNESS CURSE! You can now order it from any online vendor, in both print and ebook. Remember to check out the It’s A Book Launch Party tab for information on how you can participate in the book launch party for THE KINDNESS CURSE this Sunday — via ZOOM! The KindnessContinue reading “New Book Release Day!”

Meet an Author: Kaitlyn Emery

Kaitlyn Emery is one of the authors in Ye Olde Dragon Books’ newest anthology, When Your Beauty Is The Beast. In her story, Curse of the Roses, Beau willingly takes the place of his father as a prisoner under the Rose Curse. Confined to a castle surrounded by an enchantment of snow, Beau discovers anContinue reading “Meet an Author: Kaitlyn Emery”

Meet An Author: CS Wachter

Author of: “Gaston and the Beast,” in the When Your Beauty IS the Beast anthology. The idea of writing from Gaston’s point of view after he fell from the castle came to me as an interesting way to explore a unique avenue relating to the Beauty and the Beast tale. I decided to use theContinue reading “Meet An Author: CS Wachter”

Meet An Author: Cindy Koepp

(Courtesy of author Cindy Koepp, from the When Your Beauty IS The Beast anthology) Special News Bulletin Ella Font: Good morning! This is Ella Font of the Interdimensional News Network bringing you news from the story front. I have with me today novel, resource, and comic book writer Cindy Koepp and Level 6 tinkerer AngieContinue reading “Meet An Author: Cindy Koepp”

Meet an Author: Stoney Setzer

Stoney Setzer is the author of “Skin Deep,” one of the stories in the When Your Beauty IS the Beast anthology, new from Ye Olde Dragon Books.  I’ve lived in Georgia all my life, about an hour south of Atlanta. I am married with three children and one crazy dog. I am employed as aContinue reading “Meet an Author: Stoney Setzer”

Happy Book Birthday!

Today is book birthday for THREE Ye Olde Dragon Books titles: When Your Beauty IS the Beast Bride of the Living Proof (Neighborlee Book 7) To Eternity (and beyond): Writing Spec Fic Good For Your Soul You can still buy the ebooks directly from us at the pre-order discount price — but that will onlyContinue reading “Happy Book Birthday!”