Have You Started Christmas Shopping? Give YOURSELF a gift …

Through the end of the year, when you order a print book from either the NEIGHBORLEE or DEFENDER series, you’ll get your pick of a free ebook in that series. Or you can buy a book from both series, and you’ll get your pick of an ebook from both series! You have your choice of:Continue reading “Have You Started Christmas Shopping? Give YOURSELF a gift …”

December 1 Release!

AFV Defender Book 2: HERE THERE WERE DRAGONS, will release in paper and print on December 1. Here There Were Dragons  Dracs: the gift that keeps giving. And making life very interesting for the crew of the AFV Defender. A spatial anomaly near the drac homeworld, a forbidden island, and signs of a civilization thatContinue reading “December 1 Release!”

Coming New Print Releases

November 1 is the PRINT release of LIVING PROOF (that no good deed goes unpunished). Lanie and her brothers and friends head into the Christmas season with a few puzzles to solve: what happened to their parents, who apparently have vanished near the Bermuda Triangle? Who is out to get Lanie? Why are they outContinue reading “Coming New Print Releases”

Warriors Against the Storm

Releasing October 15, an anthology in honor of and support of author Mary Weber (Storm Siren series). 20 short-short stories, chosen and edited by Andrew Winch of Havok Magazine, published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press. Available in ebook and paperback. You can buy the paperback here (coming soon!), or go to your usual online outlets.Continue reading “Warriors Against the Storm”

New Print Release!

Tuesday, September 1, is the PRINT release day for VIRTUALLY LONDON, book 3 in the Neighborlee, Ohio fantasy series. It’s already been available in Kindle and Kindle Unlimited for a month or two. To celebrate the release, I’ve experimented a little bit and created an INTERACTIVE STORY, a self-guided tour of Divine’s Emporium, for youContinue reading “New Print Release!”

Experimentation Time

I’m working on a project, and working against time. Some folks say that deadlines spur creativity. I’m of the opinion that when you don’t know what the hey-ya you’re doing, then deadlines spur a mess. But here we go … The GOAL is to have a Choose-Your-Adventure book ready for a party favor/freebie-type-thingy to celebrateContinue reading “Experimentation Time”

Goodies for YOU!

Happy Birthday! My gift to you for a whole month: Go to GOODREADS and enter the giveaway for a Kindle copy of CONFESSIONS OF A LOST KID, Neighborlee, Ohio, Book 1 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54237492-confessions-of-a-lost-kid That’s all there is to it. 100 copies to be given away on August 21. ENJOY!


Welcome to all our visitors from Realm Makers 2020 Conference, and everyone who might be wandering through. We’re finally going live and letting people know we’re here. Please check out our Facebook fan group page and join, to stay on top of news and events and announcements and opportunities. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1436254603241495/ If you sign our GuestContinue reading “It’s CONFERENCE Time!”

Wanna Adopt a Dragon?

How can you resist that face? This is one of many colors and combinations coming from the creative hands of Deborah Cullins Smith, one of the Olde Dragons (aka Guilty Parties). Very soon, a selection of dragon scarves will be available in the store for purchase. While you’re waiting until the pictures are uploaded, startContinue reading “Wanna Adopt a Dragon?”