Christmas Shopping Anyone?

Start here! Go to our storefront and give yourself permission to go crazy! Is there a book you’ve been wanting, or several books, and you’re being careful about your budget? NOW’s the time to indulge — save $$$ on 1 book — save even more when you buy 2. (Yeah, I know the logic isContinue reading “Christmas Shopping Anyone?”

Want to Hear a Story?

Starting in January, I’m going to launch a new venture — a storytelling podcast. Each week, you can listen to me (for FREE!) reading a chapter from a work-in-progress. Then, you’ll have a chance to ask questions and make suggestions and make guesses about what’s going to happen next on my blog: PLUS: IfContinue reading “Want to Hear a Story?”

Get Your Monsters HERE! (and save $$ while you’re at it …)

Want to get your copy of this year’s Classic Monsters Anthology before it’s available in the stores? You can download the ebook NOW — just go to the storefront. OR you can order the paperback, and we’ll have the printer ship it directly to you. And even better than getting your Frankenstein on before everybodyContinue reading “Get Your Monsters HERE! (and save $$ while you’re at it …)”

Coming Soon: MONSTERS!

Well, actually the 2nd Classic Monsters anthology. Are you ready to get your Frankenstein on? We have 10 stories taking the trope of Frankenstein or his monster, and turning it on its ear! Guaranteed you’ll be delighted by this collection of stories — you’ll smile, you’ll shiver, you’ll cringe, and you might even shed aContinue reading “Coming Soon: MONSTERS!”

Get your Freebie here!

BOGO — buy one, get one. Buy a copy of ETRUSCA’S VOW, AFV Defender book 3, and you can get a free short story ebook of the “early years” of the crew of the Defender, free! If you buy the book here from Ye Olde Dragon Books, we’ll send you the Book Funnel link rightContinue reading “Get your Freebie here!”

Pre-Release Special!

Etrusca’s Vow: AFV Defender Book 3 COMING September 14In paper, e and audio.The third book in the AFV Defender series. Etrusca was a warrior woman in the distant past of Nisandros, who defied the clan heads and fought to turn her world from the worship of the Ancestors and back to worshipping and serving Enlo.Continue reading “Pre-Release Special!”

We have WINNERS!!!!!!!

I am delighted. Thrilled. Overjoyed. Still BUZZED over the incredible news. TWO Ye Olde Dragon publications WON in the Realm Awards last week. First up: Our very own resident Dragon, Deborah Cullins Smith, WON in the paranormal/supernatural category with her novel, MINA. Warrior in Shadows Book 1 THEN … from our first Fairytale Anthology, KristianaContinue reading “We have WINNERS!!!!!!!”

New Release! LISTEN CAREFULLY, Young Defenders Book 2

Now available — in print, ebook and audio. Tress Lore, daughter of the chief engineer and chief linguist, was born on the Defender. Only nine years old, her life is about to change. While exploring the space station where their ship is undergoing upgrades, she overhears people saying things that frighten her. Threats against herContinue reading “New Release! LISTEN CAREFULLY, Young Defenders Book 2”