Ready to DREAM?

Our next Fairytale Anthology, PERCHANCE TO DREAM, is just a few steps away from publication. It releases on May 1. We’ll be uploading the print and ebook for pre-release sales on April 1. Isn’t that cover gorgeous? Kaitlyn Emery does a great job every time! All the stories take elements of Sleeping Beauty and turnContinue reading “Ready to DREAM?”

Can We Talk?

Writing books often feels like a one-way communication — I tell stories and you listen. Well …. I’d like a chance to listen to you. Find out what you like. Find out what you prefer. Find out what interests you. Find out what podcast apps you listen to, and what reading apps you use. AndContinue reading “Can We Talk?”

Ever considered being a Patron?

Patrons help with expenses like upload and distribution fees. Patrons also get goodies! Like, free short stories and the inside scoop on upcoming projects, and samples of works-in-progress. We have TWO Patreon pages available. Ye Olde Dragon Books is the Patreon page/group to support what we’re doing here. There are several tiers of membership, dependingContinue reading “Ever considered being a Patron?”

Have You Visited the Podcast Yet?

Have you listened to Liars’ Quest, the current story being read on the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library Podcast? You can listen right here on the website — just click on the tab for the podcast. Please take a chance. Just under half an hour, once a week. And if you’d like some inside scoop, orContinue reading “Have You Visited the Podcast Yet?”


Today is launch day for the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling podcast. The first book: LIARS’ QUEST. Every Sunday, a new episode to listen to, either here on the website, or on your favorite podcast app. Then, you can visit Michelle’s blog to ask questions, answer questions you might be asked at the end ofContinue reading “LAUNCHED!”

A New (old) Christmas Short Story — Freebie!

Newly loaded today: the next in a series of freebies for subscribers and friends of Ye Olde Dragon Books. Regularly $1.99 — but free through December 20 in the Storefront. Crystal Christmas Sequel to MUSIC IN THE NIGHT, from Guardians of the Time Stream Christmas approaches, despite illness sweeping through 1880s Cleveland. Carmen, Brogan andContinue reading “A New (old) Christmas Short Story — Freebie!”

Christmas Shopping Anyone?

Start here! Go to our storefront and give yourself permission to go crazy! Is there a book you’ve been wanting, or several books, and you’re being careful about your budget? NOW’s the time to indulge — save $$$ on 1 book — save even more when you buy 2. (Yeah, I know the logic isContinue reading “Christmas Shopping Anyone?”