Double Trouble, Anyone?

TWO new releases on Monday, May 1. Are you ready?

First, we have the second Fairytale Anthology: TALES FROM THE TOWER. 16 stories launching off the story or trop of Rapunzel. We have all kinds of towers, all kinds of prisoners, all kinds of hairdos, villains, heroes, rescues, magic.

A burst of inspiration drives a baker to build a tower—without a door. But it proves to be the perfect dwelling for a certain old woman. The question is –Why?

A tower can be a safe place, especially during a zombie apocalypse. But what do you do when your safe place becomes a prison?

When communications between two castles have been cut off, a maiden must ride to rescue her friend from an evil … realtor?

We all know the tale of Rapunzel and her hair growth problem, but what if her hair grew – everywhere? When the moon was full and bright? Yes, we have a werewolf in our midst!

Chemical warfare is a sad fact of our modern life, but what if scientists learned to modify people to give them supernatural abilities? Like telekinesis? Or maybe tentacle hair?

On a spaceship far away, a young woman lives alone in a different kind of tower. One day, her songs reach a fellow travele

These are but a few of the stories you are about to dive into! To the realms of the fairies, to desert lands far away, to war-torn places where weary characters just try to survive, to forests, to windswept seascapes, to London and New York City, and into the far reaches of the galaxy. Explore the realms with us!

Then we bring you the 13th and FINAL book (maybe …) in the Neighborlee Ohio fantasy series.

The guardians face their greatest dilemma, when a New Age cult threatens to drive the Grandstones out of Neighborlee — and take their place. Better the devil they know than the one they don’t?

Saving Neighborlee Children’s Home from foreclosure, and stopping an invasion from otherworldly forces could all depend on Pastor Rocky “getting the band back together.” Problem: everyone else died in a fiery crash.

Or did they?

Multiple enemy forces unite to attack the town of Neighborlee, attempting to turn Pastor Rocky into their newest weapon.

Big mistake.

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