Plantwise: Steward’s World Book 1


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Magic can be learned, earned, or Gifted — given to a person with magic potential, along with all the experience and wisdom of the one who Gifts it. Sometimes, magic-users forget the first and most important rule: Yeshen made magic to be shared, used for good. If it is stolen, hoarded, and bound with lies, it turns to poison, ruining one kingdom after another.

In this world of many kinds and strengths of magic, a war has been simmering for centuries, waiting to break out. Durmad waits, exiled beyond the Cascade Mountains, sending his agents into multiple kingdoms, to steal magic, enslave magic-users, and corrupt kings to serve him and his plans.

Steward stands against him, the duty and the magical ability passed from father to daughter, mother to son. The tides of magic and powers and the strength of kingdoms are shifting, as allies and pawns move into place in preparation for what could be the war to decide the fate of the world.



On her christening day, Princess Arden was Gifted with plantwise magic, a blessing to her father’s farming kingdom of Westerland. Immediately, schemers began working to arrange a marriage between her and Maddix, prince of Stonemount, the neighboring kingdom and ally of Westerland.

Guided by agents of the despot, Durmad, Maddix grew up preparing to take over multiple kingdoms, by any means necessary. Arden was the first of several targeted brides, to marry, give him sons, and use those sons to take over their grandfathers’ kingdoms.

Just in time, Arden resisted and escaped Maddix’s schemes. To punish her, he stole the magic apple tree she created to defend Westerland, then he set out to destroy those she loved. With her daughter’s life in the balance, Arden devised a desperate scheme to humiliate Maddix and save her child.

Her mentor warned her many times not to play by Maddix’s rules, or she would risk losing everything.  What would it take for Arden to learn that lesson — and would she learn it in time?


Princess Wronged seeks justice against Prince Not-so-charming, and learns revenge is a dish best served … not cold, but by someone else.


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