Black Friday to Cyber Monday: SALE!!

Buy TWO or MORE books — either print or ebook — and you’ll get a code for an audiobook.

Two or more Neighborlee books: Your choice of Confessions of a Lost Kid, Living Proof (that no good deed goes unpunished), or Allergic to Mistletoe.

Two or more Defender books: Your choice of Friendly Fire or the NEW (releasing December 1) middle-grade tie-in to the series, Cadets.

Two or more of any fantasy books (our anthologies, or The Kindness Curse): The audiobook of The Kindness Curse.

Two or more inspirational books (the Sarai books, Tabor Heights, Quarry Hall, For Sale, or A Match (Not) Made in Heaven): The audiobook of A Match (Not) Made in Heaven.

A writing book (Do Yourself a Favor or To Eternity (and beyond)) matched with any other book: Your choice of any audiobook.

If you already have one of these audiobooks (thanks!), let me know when I contact you after your purchase, and we’ll pick ANOTHER audiobook for your listening pleasure.

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