Contest: Can you FILK?

All right — first question: Do you know what FILKING is?

Basically, it’s a fandom thing. People take a well-known tune and then put new words to it, about their favorite fandom, either a movie series, TV show, or book series.

I need YOU to put on your creative cap and do some filking for me.

AFV Defender Book 3, ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOATHED BEFORE, is coming out in December (at least, that’s the plan, I keep getting sidetracked from revisions and editing …)

We kind of go backward in time and show you a few important episodes from M’kar’s childhood and years at the Academy on Le’anka.

If you’ve read HERE THERE WERE DRAGONS, there’s an episode that sort of gets glossed over, during which M’kar has an odd adventure on Nisandros, her homeworld, which she doesn’t want to talk about. She promises to report to her captain later on the details, and refers to it as the “All The Boys I’ve Loathed Before incident.”

10/03/21 UPDATE: Loathe will come out in mid-2022, rather than December. In its place will be the 1st book in the Young Defenders series, a Middle Grade tie-in series to the AFV Defender books — about the children growing up on the Defender.

Well, NOW’s the time.

So what does this have to do with FILKING?

Write me the lyrics for this adventure — M’kar dealing with some really arrogant, misguided, unreliable, disappointing, power-hungry, socially climbing jerks, who have tried to take advantage of either her telepathic Talent or her Nisandrian blood, her royal status, her diplomatic connections, for their own profit. 

What’s your PRIZE?

Your choice of either all three books in ebook or audio (when I get them recorded, of course — which I hope to have done in time for the release of ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOATHED BEFORE), or the new, third book in paper.

Check back herefor snippets of M’kar’s story as I get them refined and polished, for help in writing the song — and for  the rules and deadline. RULE #1: Write it to the tune of “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before.”



Let the silliness begin!

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