I’m hoping to offer several freebies now through the end of the Christmas season.

So … thanks for stopping by! Here’s the first goodie, yours for the downloading. Just go to the storefront and search for the title.

I hope you’ll be back for more!

And remember: Stay tuned for information on Ye Olde Dragon’s Library, the storytelling podcast, starting in January.

From the Tabor Heights small-town, inspirational romance series (which will be refurbished and re-released, in print and audio, starting in 2023!)

A friendly little town on Ohio’s North Coast, where sweet romance is always in the air.

One Small Child: A baby left in the lobby of Homespun Theater and a case of stolen identity give Max, Tony and their friends pause for reflection.

From Turkey to Mistletoe: A nasty prank spurred by office politics throw Jenna and Mitch together. Could their developing friendship become something more, beyond the company walls?

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