New Year, New Book, New Blog!

Happy New Year, friends and fans and readers of Ye Olde Dragon Books.

I’m delighted to announce the release of a new book today — in paper, ebook, and audio. The 11th Neighborlee adventure.

Only TWO more Neighborlee books to be published, and … that’s all, folks!

Just when the guardians of Neighborlee believe they can relax and enjoy the results of their labors, a new enemy makes a strike, aiming at some newcomers who have come to town seeking shelter. Is this another, roundabout attempt to break down the defensive shield around the town, or a more sinister plot?

Are the attacks aimed ultimately at Angela?

Clues indicate this isn’t a new enemy at all, but an old enemy making another attempt to get a foothold in Neighborlee and perhaps steal not just magic, but break open the gates that Divine’s Emporium and Angela keep securely closed.

What type of magic is this that seems to be active only at night, and disintegrates with the coming of dawn?

We are launching a new BLOG today for our friends at Ye Olde Dragon Books. will give you a chance to ask questions of the characters in our stories, and have our characters respond. We’ll also have previews of cover art, snippets from upcoming stories, behind-the-scenes information, and other fun opportunities as we think of them. So hop on over and subscribe, so you keep updated, and think of questions you’ve wanted to ask about the books you’ve read so far, or books you’re thinking about reading!

For those who are tight on money, or want to try out a book before adding it to your personal library … you can request our books be obtained and available at your local library. Plus, every once in a while we’ll make books available through a Goodreads giveaway. Or to celebrate the release of a new book in a series, we might be offering a free download of an ebook at the start of the series. So stay tuned and keep reading.

And ask those questions, okay?

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