Storytellers Episode: Chat with Kathleen Bird

This week’s guest (October 7) is KATHLEEN BIRD, author of the Adven Trilogy and the Isles of Miadhra series, as well as author of 2 stories in the Fairytale Anthologies published by Ye Olde Dragon Books.

Her newest book is #2 in the Isles of Miadhra series, THE HEART OF A THIEF. Releasing on October 11

What’s it about?

He needs to pull off the biggest con of his life…but he can’t do it without her.

Elian never wanted the life of a petty thief and con man. He’s desperate to quit. But there are people depending on him, and he can’t let them down. This new job could buy his freedom; but it requires a partner he doesn’t have.

Jaida is used to being just a pretty face. What she wants is to be truly helpful to those in need. When a young man asks her to play the role of his wife, she sees an opportunity to finally be useful. But will he turn out to be more than just a perfect partner?

A clean romance retelling of Aladdin set in a brand-new steampunk world.

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