Book Fair, May 27, Ohio

In the mood for a BOOK FAIR? Check out the Ohio Authors Book Fair at the Destination Outlets, off I-71 in Jeffersonville, Ohio — south of Columbus. LOTS of authors and publishers will be there. Michelle will bring her newest books, including the newly released PERCHANCE TO DREAM, the 3rd Fairytale Anthology. Plus Bettie BoswellContinue reading “Book Fair, May 27, Ohio”

Book Fair at Realm Makers Conference

Are you going to be in St. Louis this Saturday, July 17? If so, the Olde Dragons would love it if we could meet up, face-to-face, with you. We’re going to be at the annual Realm Makers Conference, and our BOOK FAIR is Saturday evening, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, from 7:30 to 10pm in the Versailles Ballroom/foyer, at Sheraton Westport Chalet, 191 W Port PlazaContinue reading “Book Fair at Realm Makers Conference”