Time to Get Cozy

While this isn’t a Ye Olde Dragon Books book … it is a book published by one of the Dragons … so since this is our playground, we’re gonna allow this.

<snicker> <snort> <wink>

THE UNWELCOME WAGON is the first book in the Book & Mug Mysteries series set in the small Ohio town of Camden Township. Our heroine, Sandra, has come to town to become the new children’s librarian at the start of the school year … and immediately steps into conflict and mystery when a smelly man tries to just walk into her new apartment on moving day, and then tries to break into Book & Mug, a coffee shop and bookstore owned by a trio of cousins who soon become Saundra’s close friends.

All the books in the series will revolved around Saundra, and the cousins, Kai, Eden and Troy, along with members of the Guzzlers, coffee and book aficionados, and various friends from the businesses on the main street of Camden.

You can order copies of THE UNWELCOME WAGON here, in paper and ebook, before release day — April 1. You can also order the book bundle, of paperback and ebook, and get your choice of a download code of the audiobook from Authors Direct or a generic MP3 file of the audiobook, as a thank-you gift.

Such a deal!

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