Can We Talk?

Writing books often feels like a one-way communication — I tell stories and you listen.

Well …. I’d like a chance to listen to you. Find out what you like. Find out what you prefer. Find out what interests you. Find out what podcast apps you listen to, and what reading apps you use. And what ones you avoid like a political poll-taker …

Please consider signing up for my newsletter, so when I ask a question or two with each newsletter, you can respond and we can get some conversations going.

If you go to my — and click on one of the links to get a FREE ebook download, you will be signed up for my newsletter. Yeah, that easy.

(And for those of you who already are on my newsletter list, please be on the lookout for those questions. And remember: I usually offer a free download of something every other newsletter ……..)

Then, when you respond to my questions each month, and maybe more than once a month if a good conversation gets going, I’ll keep a tally of your answers, and the names and emails of who responds … and that way I can make like a Hobbit, and send YOU something fun when special occasions arise.

Why “make like a Hobbit”? Well, on their birthdays, Hobbits GIVE presents, instead of receive them. Sounds good to me!

So, the next big celebration coming up for me is when I finish editing the last two audiobooks in the Neighborlee, Ohio fantasy series. I’d like to give away a handful of COMPLETE collections of the audiobooks. That’s THIRTEEN BOOKS.

How will I know who to send the books to?

Let’s talk …

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