Are You Listening?

Have you checked out the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library podcast yet?

We’re already 8 episodes in.

LIARS’ QUEST is the story of Ash, otherwise known as Ashlyn, who (spoiler!!!) survives her adventures to become Lady Ashlyn of the enchanted castle, mother of ‘Na (otherwise known as Belladonna) who is the heroine of the short stories appearing the Ye Olde Dragon Books anthologies: Daughter of the Beastly Beauty (and Liars’ Quest and following books explore HOW Ash became the Beastly Beauty, if you’re interested); Tower to Tower; Patches, and the upcoming Box of Beauty, to appear in Fairytale Anthology #3, PERCHANCE TO DREAM.

If you join the Patreon group for Ye Olde Dragon’s Library (yeah, just go to and search under that name — easy!) you’ll be offered free short stories from time to time, the inside scoop on what’s going on with the podcast, and other goodies.

So … think about joining the fun? Or at least go to the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library page, right here on the website, and listen to an episode or two? It’ll be FUN!

2 thoughts on “Are You Listening?

    1. The podcast should be available in most podcast apps, such as Apple and Spotify and Google. I don’t know about Amazon Music — but if Audible has picked it up, then I would think it should be there too. Thanks for asking! I’ll have to check. 😎

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