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Patrons help with expenses like upload and distribution fees.

Patrons also get goodies! Like, free short stories and the inside scoop on upcoming projects, and samples of works-in-progress.

We have TWO Patreon pages available.

Ye Olde Dragon Books is the Patreon page/group to support what we’re doing here. There are several tiers of membership, depending on how intense you want the goodies! I try to post an update at the end of each month, so you know what’s going on, what’s coming up. There are automatic goodies after a certain amount of time, like mugs and stickers. And I’ll offer free short stories when they are available. Plus you can get hold of print and ebook and audiobook new releases ahead of time and at a discount, if you belong to the right tier.

Ye Olde Dragon’s Library is there to help with the costs for uploading and distributing the podcast. You also get free short stories and a chance to chat, make suggestions, and if there’s enough interest, get the HARDBACK special edition when the current work-in-progress being read to you every week on the podcast goes into print. So, consider supporting us, please?

Just go to Patreon and search for Ye Olde Dragon Books and Ye Olde Dragon’s Library. That easy. We’d appreciate the support. And we could have a lot of fun together …

And here’s a glimpse at the very first freebie. It’s the short story that started the whole crazy, fun, silly adventure of LIARS’ QUEST. This short story was a finalist in the 2022 Realm Awards competition, and first appeared in the When Your Beauty IS the Beast anthology.

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