Storytellers Episode: Chat with Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

This week’s guest on the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling podcast, is Jenelle Leanne Schmidt, talking about her series, the Turrim Archives, as well as her participation in a brand-new series, A Classic Retold. Listen to the episode right here on the website, or on your favorite podcast app. Nine authors take nine works ofContinue reading “Storytellers Episode: Chat with Jenelle Leanne Schmidt”

Storyteller’s Episode: Chat with Pam Halter

This week (Saturday, September 16) on the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling podcast, our guest is Pam Halter, author of the Willoughby series and Fairy Eater, as well as several devotionals, short stories, and other children’s books. Check out her website at, or look for her on Facebook, Pam Halter, author. Come to the podcastContinue reading “Storyteller’s Episode: Chat with Pam Halter”

Ready for More Guardians?

Coming September 15, the next book in the re-release of the Guardians of the Time Stream steam punk/gas lamp series: THE BLUE LOTUS SOCIETY Available in Paper, Ebook, and Audiobook. From Ye Olde Dragon Books — where else? And look for Season 3, coming soon, on the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling podcast, where youContinue reading “Ready for More Guardians?”

Meet Author Jim Doran

Today’s storyteller episode of the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library podcast is a chat with Jim Doran, who has two stories in the Ye Olde Dragon Books classic monster anthologies: Frankenstein’s Manor and Lonely is the Hunt. If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, or if you’re coming in some time later, it’s Episode #12,Continue reading “Meet Author Jim Doran”

Countdown: 2 New Releases, and Pre-Release Order Discounts

PLANTWISE releases Thursday, June 15. You can download the ebook and audiobook here on the site NOW at a discount price before the official release day. I’m also offering a pre-release order discount on the print book, but you’ll have to wait until I actually have the books in my hot little hands before IContinue reading “Countdown: 2 New Releases, and Pre-Release Order Discounts”

Ye Olde Dragon’s Library: Season 2, Offering LOTS More to Hear

Season 2 of the Library podcast features the fantasy novel, PLANTWISE, book 1 of the Steward’s World series. PLUS, starting this Saturday, you’ll get to hear chats with authors of fantastical fiction. June 3 and 10 launches the author interviews with a two-parter, chatting with the authors of OHIO TRAIL MIX, stories inspired by visitsContinue reading “Ye Olde Dragon’s Library: Season 2, Offering LOTS More to Hear”

Liars’ Quest — in print soon. Interested?

This is the current cover for LIARS’ QUEST that is appearing in the updates on Goodreads. Good news: this is NOT the actual cover. It’s more a placeholder. We’re working on the splendiferous cover, because …. (drum roll, please!) we plan to have the print and ebook version of what you’ve been listening to onContinue reading “Liars’ Quest — in print soon. Interested?”

Are You Listening?

Have you checked out the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library podcast yet? We’re already 8 episodes in. LIARS’ QUEST is the story of Ash, otherwise known as Ashlyn, who (spoiler!!!) survives her adventures to become Lady Ashlyn of the enchanted castle, mother of ‘Na (otherwise known as Belladonna) who is the heroine of the short storiesContinue reading “Are You Listening?”

Ever considered being a Patron?

Patrons help with expenses like upload and distribution fees. Patrons also get goodies! Like, free short stories and the inside scoop on upcoming projects, and samples of works-in-progress. We have TWO Patreon pages available. Ye Olde Dragon Books is the Patreon page/group to support what we’re doing here. There are several tiers of membership, dependingContinue reading “Ever considered being a Patron?”

Have You Visited the Podcast Yet?

Have you listened to Liars’ Quest, the current story being read on the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library Podcast? You can listen right here on the website — just click on the tab for the podcast. Please take a chance. Just under half an hour, once a week. And if you’d like some inside scoop, orContinue reading “Have You Visited the Podcast Yet?”