Countdown: 27

We’re changing things up. The storefront software is giving us fits — sorry! So here’s the deal now: instead of the sale price being a percent, straight across the board it’s going to be: $2 off ebooks $3 off audiobooks $2 off paperbacks — and still free shipping. Plus ……………. To celebrate CYBER MONDAY, today’sContinue reading “Countdown: 27”

The Creature is COMING

Coming October 15, in print and ebook, the next Classic Monsters anthology. A very strange family vacation that goes awry. A bunch of fairy gardeners who run afoul of a water sprite. Creatures who can control human minds, until one man discovers a way to infiltrate their ranks. Sirens, mutant frogs, an ancient demonic riverContinue reading “The Creature is COMING”

Ready for More Guardians?

Coming September 15, the next book in the re-release of the Guardians of the Time Stream steam punk/gas lamp series: THE BLUE LOTUS SOCIETY Available in Paper, Ebook, and Audiobook. From Ye Olde Dragon Books — where else? And look for Season 3, coming soon, on the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling podcast, where youContinue reading “Ready for More Guardians?”

Chat with author Kaylena Radcliff

This week’s chat (August 5) on the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling podcast is with¬†Kaylena Radcliff, author of several books and a number of short stories, articles, and poems. Aside from writing, she serves as a magazine editor, church planter’s wife, and a homeschooling mom of two. She drinks a lot of coffee.When not working,Continue reading “Chat with author Kaylena Radcliff”

Ye Olde Dragon’s Library: This Week’s Guest: A.S. NORRIS

This week’s guest on the podcast is A.S. Norris, talking about his Wayward Mage series, with his interesting main character, Jack Wartnose. Find out how he got the name, where Norris gets his ideas, his plans for future books (lots of books!) and discussions of character growth, good adventure novels, and his promise to readersContinue reading “Ye Olde Dragon’s Library: This Week’s Guest: A.S. NORRIS”

9 Days Left to the Countdown

9 days left until the June 30 release of LIARS’ QUEST, the first book featured in the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling podcast, and Book 1 in the Enchanted Castle Archives series. You can pre-order the book and save $$ here on the website. (Psssst!! You can get the audiobook and ebook RIGHT NOW, insteadContinue reading “9 Days Left to the Countdown”

Countdown: 2 New Releases, and Pre-Release Order Discounts

PLANTWISE releases Thursday, June 15. You can download the ebook and audiobook here on the site NOW at a discount price before the official release day. I’m also offering a pre-release order discount on the print book, but you’ll have to wait until I actually have the books in my hot little hands before IContinue reading “Countdown: 2 New Releases, and Pre-Release Order Discounts”

Counting Down to Lucky 13

May 1 is the release day for THE LIVING PROOF GETS THE BLUES, the 13th and FINAL book in the Neighborlee fantasy series. And we’re going to CELEBRATE! That means each title in the series will go on sale, and you’ll have a chance to get book bundles, and a chance to win a freeContinue reading “Counting Down to Lucky 13”

It’s Book Launch Day!

Now available in paper, ebook and audio, ANGELA’S KNIGHT, the 12th (and almost last) Neighborlee, Ohio fantasy novel. You can buy a book bundle — the price includes the paper edition, ebook, postage, and we’ll throw in a download code for the audiobook — right here on the Ye Olde Dragon Books website. Such aContinue reading “It’s Book Launch Day!”