Ye Olde Dragon’s Library: Season 2, Offering LOTS More to Hear

Season 2 of the Library podcast features the fantasy novel, PLANTWISE, book 1 of the Steward’s World series.

PLUS, starting this Saturday, you’ll get to hear chats with authors of fantastical fiction.

June 3 and 10 launches the author interviews with a two-parter, chatting with the authors of OHIO TRAIL MIX, stories inspired by visits to locations on the Ohio Literary Trail.

What’s the Ohio Literary Trail? Listen and find out!! You can find the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library podcast in your favorite app, or come back here and click on the Podcast page and listen right on the website.

If you’re interested in getting the print, ebook or audiobook of PLANTWISE, they’re ON SALE right now, here in the store. Check them out!

If you’re interested in getting pre-release discounts on other books featured in the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling episodes, please consider joining the Patreon group (just search for Ye Olde Dragon’s Library in Patreon) and support the podcast.

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