Storytellers Episode: Chat with Beka Gremikova

This week’s episode (October 21): Chatting with Beka Gremikova, who has 4 stories in various Ye Olde Dragon Books anthologies, and has 2 new books coming out in October. Look for her brand new book, Unexpected Encounters. Encounters. Whether with magic or science, expected or unexpected, they can change our minds, our destinies, even ourContinue reading “Storytellers Episode: Chat with Beka Gremikova”

Storyteller’s Episode: Chat with Pam Halter

This week (Saturday, September 16) on the Ye Olde Dragon’s Library storytelling podcast, our guest is Pam Halter, author of the Willoughby series and Fairy Eater, as well as several devotionals, short stories, and other children’s books. Check out her website at, or look for her on Facebook, Pam Halter, author. Come to the podcastContinue reading “Storyteller’s Episode: Chat with Pam Halter”